Monday, May 31, 2010

Nosy Neighbor

Nosy neighbor: Where are you headed?
sunshine: Uhh... some shopping. In a hurry.
Nosy neighbor: Okay. Where?
sunshine: Umm.... here and there ... In a hurry aunty.
Nosy neighbor (looking suspicious): Here and there? What will you buy?
sunshine: err..... this and that ... In a hurry aunty.
Nosy neighbor: What time will you be back?
sunshine: Well, are you planning to invite me for dinner?

Nosy neighbor (LOL): You have an amazing sense of humor !!

sunshine: (Sigh !!!): (To self, while running down the stairs): What do I do with people who don't understand sarcasm?

Nosy neighbor: Show me what you get, okay?

SIGH !!!


Nosy neighbor: Well well, where did mom and daughter go this evening?

sunshine: How did you know we were away?

Nosy neighbor: Aunty knows it all beta. The front door was locked.

sunshine: Oh, we just went here and there.

Nosy neighbor: What did you eat?

sunshine: Oh, we just had some momos for dinner.

Nosy neighbor (looking at mom): So who paid for dinner? Mom or daughter?



Nosy neighbor: So how come you are home for 2 months now?

sunshine: It’ll be 4 months of vacation in all.

Nosy neighbor: So are you still paying rent in Seattle?

sunshine: Yes, of course.

Nosy neighbor: Your office gave you leave for 4 months?

sunshine: I’m working from home.

Nosy neighbor (looking confused): What does working from home mean?

sunshine: It means I stay at home and work.

Nosy neighbor: But I don’t see you working.

sunshine: Oh, I work when everyone is asleep.

Nosy neighbor: Call center type job?

sunshine: Yeah you can say that.

Nosy neighbor: So are you still getting paid while you are here?

sunshine: Of course. And aunty, please please don’t ask me how much I get paid !!!




Anonymous said...

you sure have an interesting neighbor! Why don't u keep her busy with some palate-tickling projects?

sunshine said...

Palate ticking projects? Now that is an interesting suggestion :)