Sunday, May 16, 2010

You have all my attention

After juggling between a rather insipid Chetan Bhagat read and another [umpteenth but inspirational] book on weight loss and slimming, I finally laid my hands at the right book, right because it has just the right kind of humor and the right level of satire. It’s not a story, it’s not a gyaan book or a guide book, it’s a rather funny documentary of things we grew up around during the 80s and the 90s. Reasons I liked the book are:

1. Stress was laid on simple issues and not on simple style of writing. Some books are so simply written that it simply takes the fun out of reading them. What’s the point in reading a book if you don’t encounter words whose meanings you didn’t know, facts you vaguely knew of but never really delved deep into, and a unique writing style that makes you think- Wow, I wish I wrote like that !!

2. I like the book because after reading it, the first thing I thought was- “If I ever wrote a book, it would be like this”.

3. GB writes about issues you grew up noticing in your everyday life- Terrorism, NRIs, sexually frustrated computer engineers [and men in general], politics, weddings, the television industry, bollywood movies, and more. His blogs sometimes talk about cricket and politics, both of which don’t interest me much due to my own personal preferences, but the topics discussed here were the right ones to sustain my interest.

4. A collection of essays- a unique style of writing. When I buy a book, I ask myself, “Why should I even bother to read this book? What kind of enlightenment will it provide me?”. If you’ve read it, you’ve just found your answer. I wouldn’t be surprised if this book was recommended next as a text book in educational institutions. Impressionable minds could do with some great perspective on societal issues.

5. It makes me wonder- What is he going to write about next? A documentary on Rakhi ka Swayamvar? The different kinds of psychos wandering aimlessly in the world of internet? The kind of guy you should never marry? Things not to do when in the US? The plight of someone who sits through the songs and acting of Himesh Reshammiya? Time will tell.

Kudos to the GreatBong on a great effort of writing. Thou hast not disappointed thy reader(s). If Prabhuji has found a fan in you with undeniable loyalty, you have found one in me too. Your book was worth my time, money, and expectations.



Ginni said...

hello sunshine -ordered the book online based on ur recommendation. better be good :)

hope calcutta is treating you fine. . . take care.

sunshine said...

Ginni- I hope you like the book :) I did. Calcutta is treating me great, with all the royal treatment and good food :)