Wednesday, June 05, 2013

sunshine, Ph.D.

I have been gone from here for too long, and the reasons are obvious. I thought I would write a post the last time I finished defending my Ph.D. proposal. That was more than two months ago. In that span, I found a job. And I defended my PhD. I cannot say I am done yet. I still have revisions to make. Still, right at the 33rd month of my clock here, I finished my PhD. Needless to say, I am exhausted to the verge of insanity. Even now when I know that I should be making my revisions, I often spend my time sleeping, staring at the ceiling, or wandering aimlessly in my own house. I have gained eight pounds in the last two months, which I need to shed soon. Non-academic writing has totally stopped. Yet why am I complaining? I am one of those lucky people who found a postdoc position weeks before finishing up. How did it happen and how relieved it made me is a post for another day. Right now, I am busy packing for yet another move soon. The last move to the east coast was less than three years ago. Now, I move to a non-descript state in the mid-western US in about two months. People tell me that there is nothing really to see there, and coming from Seattle and then the east coast, this place will be as bland as it gets. But I am strangely not bothered. I am just too happy to be done and move on.

            I need to get back to my dissertation revisions, but I will be back shortly with more stories from the last few months of my PhD.