Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Germane Conversations

sunshine: Deals. Where do I look for deals?

Friend: Kolkata to Frankfurt to Berlin? Or Dresden? Prague? Train from Frankfurt? Frankfurt to Seattle? Too many permutations and combinations.

Friend: Yes, finding out a good deal is a math game of permutation, combinations, and probability. We need to make a workable model.

Friend: Lufthansa. Check out the Lufthansa website.

sunshine:$2300? Too expensive. Naah, need to get something within $1000.

Bollywood crazy friend: Traveling alone? Akeli ladki khuli tijori ki tarah hoti hai (A young woman on her own is like an open safe).

sunshine: Two days. For two days I have been looking for a good deal now. I’ve been sleeping at 3 am every night. You think I will ever find one within my budget?

sunshine: Wasn’t the movie “Before Sunrise” shot in Vienna? And it’s sequel “Before Sunset” shot in Paris?

Ma: Germany? Why not make a trip to Gangtok?

sunshine in DDLJ style: Please baoji. Aap mujhe meri khushi ke liye meri zindagi se do haften nahi de sakte? (Father, are you mean enough not to let me take two weeks off my own life and enjoy?)

Friend: You should do Amsterdam. And Scandinavia. Italy is a must. Don’t forget Paris. Spain?

sunshine: What? Croatia is not a Schengen country? Bummer !!!

Ma: Ei je, go to sleep. It’s 3 am again. Don’t tell me you are trip planning.

sunshine: What???? You finally found a deal for less than $1000? Yipeeeee !!!

Nosy neighbor who joined us for shopping: Eh, Pantaloons dada, show us western dresses and tee shirts. Something short and nice to wear in Germany ($%%^%%&)

(I wonder if clothes are country specific. What show off !!)

Ma: What? You are leaving us 2 weeks before now? Are you heartless? Don’t you love your mother?

sunshine: Google maps. Google images. Google search engine. I eat, drink, sleep, and swear by them these days.

Friend: I have a feeling you will meet your husband while touring the streets of Europe.

sunshine: Need to read up European history and geography. By the way, where exactly is Prague located?

Friend: Lonely planet. Go for the lonely planet to guide you.

sunshine: Salzburg or Innsbruck? Salzburg or Innsbruck? Salzburg or Innsbruck? Confusion !!!!

Ma: Go to sleep !! It’s 3 am !!!!


It seems the long awaited 2 week Europe trip is finally happening. And frankly, it’s giving me sleepless nights out of sheer excitement !!!



Anonymous said...

wowwww .... so the much awaited eurotrip is finally being planned :) nice !!

just in case you happen to visit the cologne, dusseldorf area, I would be glad to show you the place. I live there :)

Anonymous said...

god shower u with tons of money to quench ur wanderlust. Is the next continent going to feature on your cards soon??

Anonymous said...

baap re kee excitement! contain korthe paarchona? Has God kept wheels under your feet?

sunshine said...

Anonymous 1- I'd love to visit these areas, and thank you for offering me to show around. But who are you? :)

Anonymous 2- Thanks for your wishes, after being unemployment for 6 months, I could really do with some money :)

Anonymous 3- hehe, I dream to visit every place on this Earth till I am able to walk :) I still have trouble sleeping out of the sheer excitement I feel whenever I imagine walking the streets of Europe :)

adr said...

I totally understand being so excited that one is sleepless. Was the same with me when I was planning my euro-trip.
So you going solo?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 says .... just another fellow indian and an avid reader of your blog since 3-4 years now :)

Meeta said...

Its got to be Salzburg, its beautiful place!
And don't miss Venice, Europe trip is incomplete without it! I wish to go this city again someday.
Go to Fussen (near Munich) if wanna see Castle...
Have lot more to tell, let me know if you are interested.

Anonymous said...



Could not help commenting and this might seem like an ad but I think this is the perfect place to help someone do your research for you and come up with some great option...www.mygola.com

Do check it out once

sunshine said...

adr- I'm mostly going solo and meeting friends in case they are not busy. Would you suggest some nice places?

Anonymous 1- Would you like to suggest a few good places? And how may I get in touch with you if I visit those areas?

Dear Meeta, I'm definitely interested, please suggest more. Salzburg it is then, but what do I see in Salzburg? Will probably be there for 2 days. And people say Venice should not be down on your own, you should do it with people. Is that true?

Anonymous 4- Thanks for the link, I'm surely checking it out :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 says ... btw ... i guess you know already but in addition to lonely planet ... tripadvisor is another very helpful website to look for trips on traveling.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 says .... well, there are many places to recommend but I dont know how much time you have on your trip and what are your preferences, budget etc. For starters ... I guess one day is enough for Salzburg. You can invest your second day of Salzburg in Munich instead which is like 2 hours by train from Salzburg. In Munich you can see the city. Go to Hofbrauhaus to get a feeling of Oktoberfest etc OR visit Zugspitze (highest peak in Germany) OR visit Neuschwanstein (the real palace which inspired Disneyland logo) etc OR visit the lakes on the outskirts of Munich (all these take a complete day each) .. so it all depends also on your taste ... what you like to see. From Köln places like Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris are about 3 hours by train. If possible try to visit either the North or South coast of France in addition to Paris. In North (Brittany) Mt St Michel is worth visiting. And in south, Monaco, Monte Carlo etc are good places to see. So these are some tips which came off the top of my head now.

sunshine said...

Anonymous- Thanks for the wonderful tips, they are very helpful :)