Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sunshine And Sunrise

I just realized that I am more of an outdoor person than an indoor person, unless of course you put me on the dance floor. I also realized that though planned hanging outs are fun, surprises are way better. How do you feel when you are woken up on a weekday by the shrill ringing of the phone? You either expect an emergency call from your folks back in India, or you expect some jerk from a different time zone in the country playing a prank.

So, wanna see the sunrise?

Yeah sure, in your dreams, said a very groggy and irritated inner voice. A very sleepy me: What? When? Now? Well, okay… (still trying to figure out of it is April 1st)…. How long will it take you to come over? (Mentally calculated some 30 minutes of extra sleep)

Well, am right in front of your house.


A very groggy me jumped out of the bed like the jumping jack out of its box, brushed and washed face and put on her slippers in record time, and in the next two minutes, was headed for the beach to see the sunrise in her pajamas and chappals. The sky by the sea had just started to change hues, and by Jove, this is one of the better sunrises I have seen. It wasn’t a big deal in India, but with the screwed up weather and the equally screwed up work schedule and lifestyle here, waking up at half past five just to watch the sun rise is definitely a big deal. And for the next few hours, we were happy people, whiling away time listening to the chirping of birds as they flew in a V-shaped herd, excitedly watching and waving at the train that snaked along the nearby railway tracks, and listening to the roar of the waves.

Like I said, planned trips are always great, but there is something about being woken up from sleep to be told that someone is waiting right outside the door, and the prospect of seeing the sun rise in pajamas and chappals has an amazing appeal to it. I would prefer it over wearing stylish dresses and high heeled shoes to a party. Absolutely anyday.