Friday, June 04, 2010

Gone with the wind ??

I’m not depressed or suffering. I haven’t gained weight in the last few months (in fact I have lost some). The Europe trip is still on. Overall, everything is going great (well, kinda). Yet I had an unusually morbid thought today.

What would happen to my blog if I died?

Now the little bit of money and belongings I have can go to my family. I’d be sad to part with my car, but remember, I am dead, so theoretically I couldn’t be feeling sad. Anyone wanting to claim my wardrobe, books, and other stuff is welcome. But what happens to my blog?

Does it vanish after a while? Does it become a ghost blog? Does it stay for people to read in future? Does it become a nationally preserved historic site? Since most of my blog readers wouldn’t know I am dead, would Google make an official announcement on my blog that I am dead, and people shouldn’t expect posts in future? Now my blog has comment moderation, meaning any comment posted has to get approved by me first. So even if someone makes an announcement of my death, or posts a “May your soul RIP sunshine. We are glad there will not be any meaningless posts in future” comment, who is going to publish the comment? What exactly will happen to my blog when I am dead?

Now the future of my blog shouldn’t really matter to me once I am dead. But while I am alive, I think it does matter. Like I can decide the fate of my materialistic belongings, I would like to decide the fate of my blog, something I started and have nurtured for years. What I do about it or how I do it, I don’t really know.

Your thoughts?



Rakhi said...

I have actually thought about this a couple of times. :) Yes, morbid or what!

I have a rather filmy sequence in mind -
giving my closest friend my password and asking her to write a last farewell post on the blog for my sake and then closing it down.
Ok, enough of your laughing. Hmph!

Richa said...

Oh guess you didn't hear. You can now make a digital will and leave your blog or any internet account to anyone, just like the real will. Nah, I am not joking. I am not sure how many countries honor these wills but I am fairly certain both US and India does.

Read these articles:

In my case, two of my closest friends know the password to all my accounts and hence will made the announcement. So unless all three of us die together (probability of that is very small as we live in different parts of the world), they will make the announcement..

Anonymous said...

hail this writer whose works will remain immortal!!Continue at this pace!

sunshine said...

Rakhi- :) ... no, it actually makes sense.

Richa- Well, this is quite insightful, thanks :) I really didn't know about these articles.

Anonymous- Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Yes its a serious question with all things Virtual, cloaked in anonymity.

Web has enough creative master pieces, but appears its the age of literary excess!!