Monday, March 07, 2016

My Thanksgiving Speech

I am nicely perched on the sofa, Seattle sunlight streaming through the doors as I am writing a research paper. G is finishing making lunch, occasionally humming a Carnatic note. The children are in school, there is no one to jump on my laptop. The ginger tea in the morning was so good. I just decide to feel thankful for everything in life. Aloud.

"You know," I tell her. "Life has never been better. It feels like an ideal retired life. I am in Seattle. I wake up and start working while you make tea. I say goodbye to the children as they go to school. I work some more, talk to friends, and go out to meet them while they regale me with their stories. Even the food you cook is so good. The mor kolombu (buttermilk gravy) our friend brought us was so good. This is how I would love my retired life to be. I feel so thankful."

"Okay okay, come have lunch now!" she said in a hurry.

And I kept my laptop on the floor, walked up to the kitchen counter, and opened the rice cooker. A gust of hot vapor fogged my glasses. Waiting for me was a hot meal of tasteless quinoa. 

I am a foodie-Bengali, you see. I don't do this quinoa business. 

What an anti-climactic, non-foodgasmic end to my retirement and thankfulness plans it was!


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Amritorupa Kanjilal said...

That was tremendously depressing, but you write beautifully. Enjoying your blog very much