Saturday, September 24, 2011


I once used to dream of living in a big house with glass windows overlooking the lake in Fremont, Seattle. For all of you who are familiar with the city of Seattle, you will know what I mean. I always thought that was the place that suited my personality best. I would never live in Downtown, or close to a pub district. Yet I have never wanted to wander too far from the happening hot spots and live in a 3 bedroom townhouse somewhere in Bellevue or Kirkland. Fremont was the right place. The lake nearby provides a wonderful view and a nice place to walk by, or watch the boats and occasionally the hydroplanes. There is no dearth of great eating places and coffee shops. The area is well connected by bus services, and who wants to drive when you can take the bus? The troll nearby used to be my favorite hangout area. The Space Needle looks beautiful, and so does the Seattle skyline. How do I know all this? I know this because I worked close to Fremont for a year. That was when I wrote this poem.

The joy ride welcomes me aboard
Through thirty fifth and Wallingford

To zig zag left right up and down

The view of water down and town

The needle points straight in the sky
The buildings stand so proud and high

From Stoneway me a stone throw 'way
To the monster troll I always "hey"

The one eyed giant who gobbles cars
All hairy mighty full of scars

And then to left my tastebuds vie
For coffee sushi greek and thai

Through Fremont streets with joy we hail
And watch the ships cut through and sail

The bridge that's now an upside "V"
And azureness is all I see

In skies and waters traverse planes
With lakes and sun and things arcane

Through Fremont ways and dextered roads
My City of Joy, my new abode



Nidhi said...

Loved the title...couldnt comprehend it initially but then I got it :D

Biddu said...

you are an equally good poet it seems...and the pun with the title is nice too :)

M said...

Love the view.... not the same but somewhat similar from my window in Bombay. I hate calling Bombay - Mumbai!!!! :-)

Nothing said...

Lovely poem and lovely photograph. I love visiting your blog after a few weeks and seeing several new posts - gives me something nice to read while having my evening cup of coffee :)

I was just wondering yesterday what it must be like to live in Seattle - a consequence of the Amanda Knox hysteria. It's made me ponder over useless things on which I have absolutely no control. And then I saw this post. Must really suck for her - living in Seattle and then in a Perugia prison.


sunshine said...

Nidhi, thanks :)

Biddu, :)

M, I hate calling Calcutta Kolkata as well :)

Nothing, never mind the Amanda Knox case, I can tell you, living in Seattle was a wonderful experience. True, the weather is gloomy a lot, but the city has so much to offer intellectually, culturally, travel-wise, and in a lot many ways.