Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Magnetic Personality

I sometimes wonder what will happen to all those magnets stuck on the white door of my fridge when I am gone. Surely I don’t have any property to boast of, no land, no house, not even a piece of gold or diamond, but I have around 200 magnets collected over the years of traveling in different places around the world. I suspect I might have to buy a bigger fridge in a few years, but that is a different story. There is this blue lava spewing volcano magnet I collected from Sicily. There is this panoramic view of Philadelphia magnet I bought in 2008. They come in all shapes and sizes, from bears of Yosemite to the bison of Yellowstone National Park. There is a cow magnet from the cheese factory, a longhorn from Texas, a cable car from San Francisco, a dolphin from San Diego, and many more. I wonder what will happen to them when I am dead. I am probably wondering about this since I do not have an offspring to inherit them all, but even if I did, I wonder if anyone would be really interested in collecting a bunch of magnets from a travel addict. They mean a lot to me, having collected them personally over the years, but to others, these are just pieces of magnets. Perhaps I could donate it to the science laboratory to conduct experiments using magnets. Perhaps I could donate it to a travel endorsing club. I don’t know why I am worrying about the fate of my magnets of all things, but it is probably one of those days when useful ideas do not come, and the mind is trapped between the needless polarities of the north and the south, wondering about the unknown future and the even more unknown outcome of worldly possessions when the soul defies all directions and heads toward wonderland.



Kunal said...

Collecting magnets....hmm...that is a very interesting thing to collect... :)

Padmanabhan said...

Do you know what happened to all those magnets (whatever it's equivalent was those days) your grand mom's grand mom collected? You shouldn't really worry about this :)

kaichu said...

amake diye dish please, I love magnets. and also, I'd appreciate them because YOU collected them aeto bhalobasha diye <3