Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No Small Town Girl

Sometimes, I am unceremoniously reminded of how much I love living in a city. I was in Boston for a conference, and there the thought hit me again. What would I do in a large city? No, I would not jump right in and join the hullabaloo and the madness. I love big cities because I love sitting back and watching life move at a fast pace. The busy streets, the crowds, coffee shops, the waterfront, students walking with backpacks, office commuters headed for work, mommies walking along while their little ones monkey around. There is not a dull moment when you live in a big city. I walked along river Charles, visited MIT and Harvard campus, walked the streets of the Harvard Square, admired the waterfront by the harbor, and so much more. Boston smells strongly of history. Bridges, water, international airports, large streets, bad traffic, it has everything. MIT, Harvard, Tufts, and a lot more, you might as well call it the intellectual capital. The view of the lake along the Boston College (Chestnut campus) reminded me of the long walks I used to take by the Green Lake in Seattle. I will probably be happy to relocate anywhere as long as it is a big city by the coast. So perhaps it is time to get my ass on the work desk and work harder, get some publications, propose, defend, suck it all, finish up, and look for a job in a big city. Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Portland, one can only hope.



Nidhi said...

Ahh finally you posted! :) Nice post....even I love the madness of big cities and really get restless in laid-back small towns!

Arnab Majumdar said...

You should stay in Mumbai for a while. After that, you'll start appreciating the small town life any day! :D

Arnab Majumdar

sunshine said...

Nidhi, yes I finally decided to break the writers' spell and write. Have been away for too long now.

Arnab, I hear ya. I had US in mind when I wrote this. I just miss Seattle I guess :)

Biddu said...

The best thing is to be in the quiet suburbs of a big city...you feel the city's pulse during the day and sleep peacefully at night :)

Kunal said...

We should just not get lost or lose our identity in the big city life...rest is all fine and great :)

Btw..I read an old post of yours..why not to marry a blogger...and just wanted to say..it was hilarious and some interesting things to think upon :P

sunshine said...

Biddu, that is an option too, as long as the drive is not more than 30 minutes :)

Kunal, why would anyone lose their identity if they get what they want? :) And I am glad you liked the "Why not to marry a blogger" post. Perhaps that post explains why I am still not married :(