Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Who's, Why’s, and How’s

A quick word: Thank you all for writing to me; if it was not for the screwed up internet connection in the lab right now, I would have replied to all of you. Please leave me your email id because in some comments, it is impossible for me to find an email id to be able to write back to you. If your initial is "A" or "P" (I will not give out more details) and you have just commented, please let me know your email id, because I am unable to find one.

You can write to me at sunshinenjoy[at]gmail[dot]com

As a blogger with more than 5 years of blogging experience, the questions that always arouse my curiosity are- Who are my readers? How did they land up here? How long have they been reading me? What do they do in their life? Do they like what they read? What is it that they don’t like? What is it they wished they read?

Some of you comment once in a while, and I go back to your profiles to know you better. Some of you drop me an email every now and then, and I have become great friends with some of you that way. Some of you say a hi when you read something you resonate with. And some of you end up as anonymous readers. Yet whenever I go through my “Neocounter” (which is perhaps once every 30 minutes of my waking hours), I wonder who are these readers who left their footprints here. I know someone from Ann Arbor, Michigan, someone from North Carolina, and someone from Ohio drops by every now and then. And then there are people from Egypt, U.A.E., Belgium, and Spain who drop by as well. According to my blog, visitors from 158 countries have read me. Who are they and how did they end up here?
My blog is my comfort zone, where I write about anything and everything I want to. However, sometimes it feels like performing or lecturing in front of a room full of audience I cannot see, because the spotlights are on me. So if you feel comfortable enough and agree that what I am asking is reasonable, please drop me a line introducing yourself, and tell me how did you land up here and how long have you known me. You are welcome to write more if you want to. You can comment here, or you can write me an email. Whatever you write to me is strictly going to be confidential. Just come say a hi if you want to. Who knows, you might be the person who works in the adjacent lab and you haven’t yet figured out I am that person who takes the bus with you every morning.



Ashutosh said...

Have been following your blog for as long as I can remember. I only wish Google reader had inbuilt commenting option as well, for both web and mobile versions. Have dropped notes on some occasions either in my name or as anonymous.

Was an avid reader in grad school, but now only follow select few blogs. Engineer by profession, and day dreamer at heart. Will write more if I can figure out how to send an email through blogger.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to nitpick, but the apostrophes are misplaced in your title. It should just be "Who-s", "Whys" and "Hows".
"Who's"/ "Why's"/ "How's" => Who is/ Why is/ How is.
And I assume you wouldn't put a "The" if you meant the latter.

I love your blog sunshine. Please don't take offense because I nitpicked. You can choose to delete it if you want :)

sunshine said...

Worry not my friend, I meant "who is, why is, ..., and so on". Looking back, your suggestion makes sense too .... and I see where you are coming from. Whenever I see something wrongly written, I itch to correct it. Advice well taken!

sunshine said...

Ashutosh- Absolutely :) Would love to hear more from you.

ravi c said...

These were the exact thoughts i have when i see the counter on my site... well said!!!

I am following the blog since an year.. how did i came here? I dont remember. google reader suggestion/ someother blog(dreamland i guess) have u in its list.

I love reading others views, their perspective on life; things they come across; way they handled; bla bla bla....


Me_wid_Myself said...

Heyy Sunshine..
Delurking for the first time!!
I am software engineer by profession and have been reading you since last 3 years. Landed here from Sayesha's. And yes.. totally love your writing style.
Your observation at the tiniest possible things make your writings superb!! Keep up the good work girl!!

Anonymous said...

well i am a twenty something.. been following your blog since 3-4 years i guess.. i think i landed up on your blog through someone else's blog and i liked it so much that i kept on readint it :)

Raam Pyari said...


I have been following your blog since when you were applying to come to the US..... I now live in London am a Btech and MBA....for the rest check out y blog and you will know more:)

sunshine said...

ravi- thank you thank you :) That's a lot of good words me thinks :)

Me_wid_Myself- :)

Anonymous- I am glad :)

Raam Pyari- Of course you need no introduction :) I have read your comments for years now. And wish you a very happy belated birth day :)

Badri said...

Very nice of you to ask and understand who your readers are. The popular ones give an impression that they take their readers for granted.

I am doing my masters in manufacturing systems in US and in North Carolina. Following your blog for a some time (2 yrs maybe). Like your simple and refreshing writing style. You are one of the last few who continue to blog in the age of twitter, so hats off for that.

My don't likes sometimes you don't reply to comments. That sometime makes me not to comment :).

sunshine said...

Dear Badri, I am neither a popular blogger, nor I take my readers for granted. Every comment I get makes me smile, and makes me wish I knew the person. So you are my neighboring state fellow blogger? I have been untouched by Twitter, and don't plan to touch it anytime soon. Blogging will remain my one and only platform for expressing myself. I know I am guilty of not replying to comments, but that is because most of the times, I find myself inept at starting a conversation with a person not in front of me. Consider it a weirdness of mine. No promises, but I will try to be more responsive to comments :)Thanks for saying a hi (I think this has been my longest comment response so far) :)

Sunshine said...

helloooo...well i think ive commented a few times before - have been reading ur blog for at least 2 yrs now!
no clue how i got here but am def planning to stay! :)

Sunshine said...

plus we're blog name sisters! i think that's how i came to ur blog - thru ur comment on somone else' blog! :)

sunshine said...

Sunshine- I was surprised to see your comment too. My namesake? Of course you are Sunshine and I am sunshine :)

Sunshine said...

lol! well at least there is some difference! :)