Friday, February 18, 2011

Exploring Facebook Relationship Status

Despite a late (and bad) start to a busy (yet inefficient) Friday morning, I have my fellow blogger Kima to thank for my morning dose of laughter. What a brilliantly innovative idea he came up with, followed by some very creative suggestions that had me laughing in the lab till the advisor suspected that I spend more time in the lab doing things not related to a PhD. Anyway, I would urge you to read Kima’s post first. Thanks Kima for a wonderful read.


Facebook Relation Status Possibilities

At-risk population (might die a virgin)

Open to exploring interspecific options

Is in a one-sided relationship with ____

Girlfriend of ___’s boyfriend

Conveniently single (depending on your annual income and your U.S. visa status)

Is competing with ___ for ___

Currently has a professional crush on Dr. ___

In a secret relationship with ____

In a predatory relationship with the prey ____

Is competing with ____ for male attention

Is antagonistic to ____

Selectively permeable

Is currently a host to the parasite ____

Is in a stagnated relationship with ____

Recently broke up and on the prowl

Has turned an egosexual (in a relationship with the self)

Has opted the life of an asexual protozoan

Is in a meaningful relationship with Facebook alone


Calvin said...

Lot of people would fall under the category of 'one-sided relationship' :) least at some point in their lives...

Abhishek Mukherjee said...

Egosexuals rule! Yay!!

Nice post, BTW.

D said...

Hi Sunshine,

I follow you blog regularly- I'm a PhD student too so some of your posts seem close to home:)

Thought I'd drop in a line finally- This post is hilarious!

illusionaire said...

LOLz... love this list! :)