Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Deep (in) Thought

Meditation gives you a surge of freedom of expression. It frees the mind of the barriers created by the mind itself.

During 2 hours of meditation this evening, this is all I thought about. Is it okay to reveal your feelings to someone not knowing if it will be reciprocated, or rather knowing it will not be reciprocated? One might argue that if signals have not come from both the sides, the feeling is perhaps not mutual, and it is wise to keep mum. Perhaps anything more than friendship would complicate things, and one would be putting friendship at stake. But then, it is not comforting to die not knowing if things could have been different, or if the feelings were mutual but latent. It is like running the risk of opening a box, not knowing the contents inside. The box might as well be empty, or maybe filled with all the goodness.

Of course one could come out of the emotional bondage and analyze things for what they are. One could go back chronologically and look for signals, any signal, even a slight one. Maybe the feelings were never mutual. Maybe the feelings were mutual, but well hidden. Maybe the feelings were not there initially, but needed a trigger, a sign, an indication to develop. Which brings us back to the original problem. One will never know until one asks.

And like a computer program (BASIC language I learnt in school), like a cascade mechanism, these thoughts wrapped themselves around my head again and again all the time I meditated.



Uma said...

I agree..Its better to atleast give it a try :)..

silcador said...

Interesting meditation that is!

Don't under-estimate other person. Maybe he already knows your feelings? If so, what is there to lose by asking?

IMHO, a friendship that cannot weather this truth, is not worth saving in the first place. The real question is whether you are ready to face the truth, whatever it is?

mishti said...

It is important to know what we meditate 'upon'.

If we believe in GOD, and its forms, it is good to meditate upon the image. Else, if we are an athiest, it is good to meditate upon an object or a dear someone.

As we meditate upon someone/something, we direct our focus towards that. And as we continue practise this regularly, all the answers (in the mind) are revealed to us in due time.

rt said...

2 hours of meditation!!!
Regret something only after doing it!!!

Deja Vu said...

I would say nothing wrong in giving a try!!!There is always a word called fluke.....but helps only if u try :-)!!!Listen to the voice within!!!!Thats the guiding light :-)