Sunday, November 09, 2008

What I like about job life

Is the fact that I put in 8 hours of hard work everyday and I am done for the day. I can listen to my favorite songs on my way without thinking of the assignments that need to be completed. I can plan anything after office, be it coming home and settling for a quiet evening cooking and watching TV, or choosing to go shopping or partying with friends. I need not feel guilty about study hours or early bed times. As long as I plan my work hours well, I don’t have to bring home work.

I have lived both the lives, the life of a student and that of a professional. I cannot comment on which is better, as each comes with their own set of freedom and limitations. True, it feels great to solve a research problem after months of brain work, but it also feels great to leave your brains in office at the end of the day and take out more time to pursue your interests. Both these situations of course stand true as long as there is no third commitment that takes up your time, like kids, marriage, or even a demanding relationship.

And the other thing I like about job life is that I can actually go to office empty handed. No longer do I need to carry the burden of a laptop, heavy books to be returned to the library, or tons of notes you printed but are never going to read.

Plus it does boost your confidence, adjusting to a new work culture and earning more money.

Solvency, no huge backpacks to carry and no more backaches, getting rid of those tattered jeans and dressing up in formals every day, and coming home to watch movies and read books, or just choosing to do nothing, that’s work life for me.


PS: I have been gently reprimanded for not replying to blog comments. I am guilty as charged, and henceforth, I’ll make an honest effort to correct it. It’s just that … anyway, never mind…


Suryansh said...

So true, sunshine !! I have had more time now that I had as a student and I'm loving it [:)]

KARTHIK said...

I think within a few months you will
change your opinion on job v/s college life.
I am hoping i am not true in your case

ps: the grass is always greener on the other side

preeti said...

True.. but now that I am also back to campus from corporate life, I feel that the burden of backpacks is well rewarded somehow, isnt it?

illusionaire said...

hehehe... I sometimes work 48-72 hours at a stretch in office and I don't complain either. At the end of the day, what matters the most is whether you enjoy your work or not, then comes the other secondary things in life like man hours, salary, distance from office etc. Job satisfaction is what motivates you to go to work everyday :) I work in an Ad agency and it is demanding, but as long as one loves the challenge and creativity demand, its a great place to work :)

Annie said...

I agree with you, corporate life is a lot easier than student life, but I do miss the campus and the freedom to do things at your will without having to bother about co-workers/bosses/HR. :)

Neha said...

i agree!! both have pros and cons. the most i enjoy about worklife is that i have got back to my reading habit!! but then 9-5 (10-6 for me :D) gets monotonous at times.

Gotta Be Max said...

- Grass is greener on the other side.

- If you like what you do, time just flies.

- There is nothing like school life.

Was in the corporate world. Now, back to school. Almost done and do not want to leave. The corporate life beckons. Tired of thinking about how expensive life is in NYC. Could do with the money. As frugal as it is, school times are brilliant. As little sleep as I may manage, school times are perfect.

I know that things cannot be the way they are forever. But, take the debt away, place some more money in the wallet and life could not be better and hope could then be forever.

A Girl from Timbuktu said...

when will you post next sunshine ?

sunshine said...

Suryansh- Wow -- I didn't know you graduated as well. Congrats !! We need to catch up.

Karthik- Well, it is for time to say, but so far it has been good :)

preeti- Yes I agree with you, working or studying, it is always a win win situation as long as you are interested and there is enough work to do.

illusionaire- Aww I totally agree with you -- at this moment, I'd rather take a less demanding job and not stress myself out, but who knows how things change in future.

Annie - Well, both sides have their + and -, and you need to figure out what works the best for you :)

Neha- Reading, or pursuing any other hobby, is again a very good point, yes, if you are not into a very demanding job, you can do "n" number of things after that.

Gotta Be Max- :) I totally understand. Good luck !!

sunshine said...

A Girl From Timbuktu- hehe -- I did !! :)