Sunday, November 09, 2008


I am the lowest form of my species. No matter how much I want it, it is futile for me to dream of rubbing shoulders with the successful. Self-discipline is a concept I can conjure up in my mind, and that’s about it. Neither do I give enough attention to how I start my day, nor do I have the time to care about what I eat and drink. Every time I tell myself I am doing that 30 minute workout and I don’t, I feel myself a couple of pounds heavier. Will I ever be able to take care of an entire family some day? I need to do things in a hurry, and screw them. She is gone, and I know she left on time. I read somewhere that if you did not complete one half of the day’s work by 10 am, you were at a risk of leaving the other half undone. Here it is almost that time and I have barely started. My promises are all false, especially the ones I make to myself, because no matter what, I will never be able to keep them. The alarm clock will do its job, but without any use. Perhaps I should be embarrassed of keeping an alarm clock at all. Tomorrow, I say tomorrow would be different, that tomorrow will be full of hopes and bright promises, of changes and improvements, but that tomorrow never comes. Why do I do this to myself, I know not. I know not if I deserve to do this to myself. But I can only hope that tomorrow is different. O God, give me a chance more. I promise, tomorrow would be different.

Exactly my guilt laden thoughts every time I oversleep, wake up late, and miss the 7am bus. There is something heavenly about shutting up the alarm and going back to sleep, promising yourself that it’s just five more minutes.

Just that five minutes are never five minutes.



Shanks_P said...

all i would like to say is u r not alone in the world ....
I have a 7 ) clock bus and I snooz alarm atleast three times ....and skip my breakfast to catch my bus .... but that 5 minutes sleep in priceless :D

Padmanabhan said...

Am a big big big big big fan of ur blog... but that's irrelevant here.

discipline is neither a necessary, nor sufficient quality for success.

I am sure you know this as much as, if not more, than I do, but still, if you wanna be reminded, [i repeat] discipline is neither a necessary nor, sufficient quality for success.

sun shine indeed... Padmanabhan

[PS: May be I am saying this coz I am like that too, but I haven't given up hope either]