Thursday, November 06, 2008

Supper With Sunshine

Monday mornings are lazy mornings, with the weekend lethargy still suffused into you and the mind not being able to clear up despite consuming galloons of coffee. On a dreary such Monday morning, I switched on my office computer, not expecting a lot of fun during the week ahead. As I punched in my password, I looked far out of the window, hoping for a rainbow, a snowfall, or something remarkable to happen. Talking about remarkableness, the password clicked, and I told myself like I always do – “You’ve got mail”.

Skimming through the email subject lines brought my attention to a certain email that forms the basis of this post. A few lines of introduction about the person, and I was wondering does this guy need feedback about his GRE preparation, or is writing about the list of schools he has selected, and seeks my opinion even though his specialization is something totally different like robotics (I often get such emails)? A few more lines and I was wondering does this guy need a favor from someone big shot I know? An extremely respectful but lengthy email got me thinking while skimming through- “What does this guy want after all?”

Well, it seems that he is a regular reader of my blog, is visiting town for some official work, and wanted to meet up. Meet up fine, but to ensure credibility so that I do not misunderstand his honest efforts as that of someone wanting to make franship, he had the foresight to send me his resume, website, his research interests, picture galleries, and a couple more details. The only things missing were names of references I could call up and verify the existence of the reader. Phew ! So much for a meeting.

My readers know that I have never met a blog reader except that one time when we ended up becoming inseparable buddies, and we proudly continue to do so. Otherwise, I have never met any of my readers in person, not as a rule, but more because no one has asked me to. So influenced by Koffee with Karan, will there be supper with sunshine? Will sunshine agree to meet this reader who is visiting her city? Will the reader treat her as a blog writer, or will be able to see beyond her writings as a human in flesh and blood? Will he come with preconceived notions and half formed expectations, wanting to find such and such thing in the person whose writings he is familiar with? Or can they meet as two individuals, and not as a blogger and a reader?

Time will say.



Pavi!!!! said... sweet that reader is...n im sure heez biting his nails n waiting in anticipation after reading this post :)

n sumthing tells me.. u WILL meet him :)

Abhi said...

Kisi se bhee mil le , nobody can get you all those ebony and ivory pastries at the pizza hut like I did . :)

Really Miss you !

Ash said...

(Nothing to do with your entry, but read on anyways!)
I read this quote today and immediately thought of your blog.
"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine."
Just thought I'd share it with you. Maybe you can use it as your blog's tag line. :)

What's in a name? said...

"I have never met any of my readers in person, not as a principal,"

principal- as in a person/ main
principle- as a rule

I guess you intend to say 'principle'

Urv said...

Yeah I recall the post of Abhi :)

I can so relate to the last para..