Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Once Taken, Twice I Buy.

The women in my family are dangerous. They will cook you amazing food, love you, spoil you silly, and take your stuff. 

I learnt this lesson the hard way. First, grandma came to visit and I was enthusiastically showing her all that I had shopped. She started eyeing a particular handbag that I had bought on sale for hundred rupees. Her eyes were full of adoration as she kept fiddling with the handbag.

"Do you like it? Would you like to keep it?", I asked. 

She needed no second invitation. She grinned happily and stuffed the handbag in her suitcase. The grapevine has it that she has been going around showing that bag to everyone who visits, boasting about the granddaughter. 

On a similar note, I was flaunting my tee shirt to my sister. Being expensive, I waited for months for them to go on sale. Sister started eyeing a nice red and white stripped shirt. 

"Don't you think this would look great on me?", she asked. "You are yet to give me a birthday gift this year."

 And just like that, the shirt went in her closet. 

"Hey, wait! Isn't your birthday in seven months?", I asked. By then, I was just talking to the empty walls in an empty room. 

The next week, when aunt visited us and wanted to see all that I had bought, I lied that I lost the suitcase keys. Once bitten, twice shy. Twice bitten, I must lie.



jinxed said...

hehee...i'm sure there r many ppl who wud sympathize wid u on dis..especialy the one's who have younger brothers or sisters..as in my case...always drooling over d stuff i buy...:)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Ahh, see --- your problem of exrta weights solved right there! And besides, now you know why 'splurging' on these shopping fests is so important :)

Manogatham said...

umm.. nice post..
btw... happy teachers day mam..

cardamom said...

on your way to US of A drop by somalia for a while...may be you can feed them wid sum "ghar kaa aam ka achaar" and cover dem wid your discounted tees...

paagalpanti likh raha hu

whoami said...

i hope you don't have too many nubile female relatives! and don't you go showing off your bf before you actually tie the knot!

Notes-to-self said...

reminds me of "ram ram japna, paraya maal apna" :)

chaos said...

Kahani mein twisht........;)....my sympathies mam........but nice strategy to beat the odds eh

Scorpion King said...

U r family members know about your blog ?

Scorpion King

syrals said...


SH D said...

Oh that was such a sweet post. Clever sis of urs-7 months to go and she grabbed a b'day gift from u. I think u better stick on to the 'lost keys of suitcase' idea.


anu said...

hii dear...its been a long time since i commented here ...was damn bizy thz days...though i made it a point to read every post of urs no matter how many i read at 1 stretch !...well sis r like dat only ...my sis always try to make me choose wot she likes in d shopping spree so dat she can wear dem w/o ny complain abt bad fitting !...badi bahan to bas sacrifice karti rahti hai !!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

that "test" just slipped out and ofcourse the app didn't allow deleting once posted ...

to begin with, applauds from me to your wonderful blogging spirits ...


Philotics said...

Achha hi to hua! At least you lost some weight before the airliner gonna charge you. Eh! I lost my chance to lend my helping hand. I should have taken the "white sweat-shirt" from you.

Anyway, don' worry, if I make it to US next yr, definitely I'll take it from you (rather u urself will give it to me) 'coz by then they will be "out-of-shape" . [:D]

sunshine said...

jinxed- exactly that's why i wrote the post.

sudipta- naah, what would you understand the pains of your fav stuffs being taken away?

manogatham- hey, thanx re.

cardamom- haan, wahi lag raha hai.

whoami- well, that was some amazing advice. u speaking from experience? hehe.

notes-to-self- hehe.

chaos- hey, thanx re.

scorpion king- no way.

syrals- bas?

sh d- hehe. thanx re.

anu- seems all younger ones are the same- the chalu types.

anon- thanx re. you could have left your name anyway.

philotics- out of shape? grrr... waise you could have taken the red embroidered kurti... for pataoing ur gf of course.