Thursday, September 07, 2006


Legacy is something handed down to you by a predecessor. So while I leave the city in about 36 hours and am busy with the last minute packing, everyone in the family has given me something to carry with me.

Grandma gave me a jumbo-sized b/w snap of their wedding. Both looked so young and head over heels in love, and they made such a handsome couple. Grandma wore a Benarasi sari and looked freshly out of school, while grandpa looked no older.

And then mom gave me a bright steel blue South Indian silk sari dad had got her from Chennai on their 20th anniversary. Sis gave me a collection of CDs that had everything from cartoons to songs and movies. And the most amazing part was that she got me a CD from one of the family weddings copied. It was in the beginning of 2000 when we had been to Kanpur to attend a family wedding. There, we had danced for some 3 hours with the baraat, and everything was there in the CD for me to see. Such nostalgic moments.

And now comes dad’s turn. Guess what he gave me? A small wooden box. No, there was no jewelry or a wristwatch inside, the way they show it in those Titan watch ads with music playing behind. The moment I opened it, I almost stifled a shocked response to find a wooden toolbox with screw drivers, a hammer, nails, screws, and all those things you had last seen in the motor mechanic’s garage.

But dad, I am not gonna be a carpenter or a mechanic there.

Keep it. You never know what you might need out there.

Well, dad has a way with machines. He has a huge toolbox filled with the most amazing things you’d only get to see at a motor mechanic’s place. And then he has this knack for carpentry; he has designed every single furniture at home, and the moment he sees a piece of wood, he would go knock-knock twice and give his expert opinion about the type and quality of wood. I’ve seen him painting, I’ve seen him making furniture designs, I have seen him dismantling machines and then fixing them up. Surely he got himself into the wrong profession.

So now I must carry this heavy toolbox with things carefully taken out of his assorted toolbox collection. Sentiments are involved here, you see. When dad gave me that, it seemed as if he was telling me, “But these are not merely the components of my toolbox, this is my heart I am giving you. Take good care of it”.

Sighs. Legacy, you see. I must get back to my suitcases and take out some of the jeans I bought for myself. I can afford not to take a few extra jeans, but can’t afford to leave these things behind.

Men !!!!



Ginni said...

LOLzzz... :"))... well d choice of background music & ofcourse the gift is way out of expectations.. Sometimes expect the unexpected.. SUGGESTION: Keep the toolbox in place of pepper spray..deadly combo,,,see your dad is soo caring.. enjoy

chaos said...

i would almost like to say " Women !!!"...when will they understand.

See Uncle thought so much for you. Look at the uses.

1) That Jumbos sized photograph of your naanaji and naaniji needs to be put up on the wall....youll need a hammer and nails for it. wont you.

2) The CDs will need to be stacked somewhere. you might just a need a cabinet wont you.



syrals said...

I liked your dad's gift the best....your family loves you a lot! Enjoy the last minute attention you will get from everybody..:) Take care sunshine..

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Scorpion King said...

Are u Giving something to your Family ?

Scorpion King

Anonymous said...

seems like clouds gathering before the rainfall ...

ME !!! ...