Monday, September 04, 2006

Consequences Of Splurging.

Someone left a shopaholic into just any mall of the city for one full month. That shopaholic was me.

I finally decided that unbranded jeans were as good as the branded stuff provided you got them at the right place. Surprisingly, they would cost almost one third. So I ended up buying 7 pairs of jeans!

The problem is, 7 jeans weigh what 7 jeans should weigh. And it's not just about jeans. I always thought I wasn’t very organized when it came down to shopping. But now that I look at my suitcases, I realize that I have perhaps got myself everything I would need for the next five years. Thanks to all that extra help and effort by mom, you can find anything in my bags ranging from kitchen napkins to bottle openers. So when I was allotted roughly 70 kg in all by my airline, I was overjoyed that perhaps this way I would be able to carry almost half my home with me. I kept on shopping till I finally decided to start packing.

You know, my suitcases could be used as mono bath tubs as well. So like mini dragons, they kept on engulfing the things I kept stuffing. And then when I thought that I was a little more than halfway through, I weighed them and found to my horror that I was almost more than 10 kg overweight (not me, my bags I mean). There must have been some error. So I borrowed another weighing machine from the neighbor and got the same result. Holy shit !!! And I thought I was only half way through.

Now the trouble was that I wasn’t really sure what would I keep and what would I throw away. Of course text books weighed like baby elephants. So I took out a few books and somehow got within the safe weight limit. But wait, wasn’t I going there to study? Naah, the jeans had to wait. So I put back the books and took out a few clothes. And then I realized that I would need all the clothes in a cold country, but perhaps not as many cosmetics.

So for the whole evening, I have been taking out books, weighing the suitcases, and then putting them back, taking out clothes and weighing them again, and then putting them back and taking out a few utensils and kitchen items, and hauling everything up on the weighing machine. And if this continues, I am sure I’ll need a spine transplant before I leave. You see, I am in a mess. And the idea of leaving anything behind breaks my heart. And you know who has been having the last laugh in all this? My sister, who knows that whatever I don’t take (except books, which she won’t touch) will go to her.

How I wish airlines had no weight limits. 



Ginni said...

ur wish is my command... tomorrow morning a PIL(publicity increasing litigation) would be filled in hon'ble Supreme Court highlighting the plight of females(& their suitcases)... pack all ur stuff... lolzzz

anumita said...

I am trying to catch up on your blog and realise that you are on your way out of the country. Not to worry, you will find a way with the luggage. If a charming smile doesn't work, catch some other student with lesser luggage (i.e. a male) at the airport to check in some of your stuff.
All the best and keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Desperado said

read a lot of ur posts n its first time u allowed annon comments so i thought of writing one
ur a truly a writer even if u speak ur mind aloud.
best of luck with ur journey in life and may always shine
i dont know anything about you but
from all that i gathered from ur blog postings...i hope you become a teacher after ur stint in tht may be just opp of ur future plans..but still i hope you become a teacher...cause i just feel you will make a brilliant one....and frm all our experiences we all you how dearly we need such

take care and haapy flying

P.S. I hope you are able to loose weight :)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

@Anumita, why do such 'great' female minds think alike? :)

@Sunshine, by how much exactly did you manage to go over the limit? You know something, this forms a very interesting problem to 'computer' engineers: called the knapsack problem which is solved by the 'greedy' algorithm :D

unnut said...

Make sure that your airlines is actually giving you 70 Kgs of luggage limit. My understanding is that the baggage allowance in international airlines is about 70 lbs ( pounds) and not 70 Kgs!!! I flew to US last month with my family and actually paid a hefty excess baggage allowance!!!

Notes-to-self said...

Oi Sunshine, you want to be very careful about that weight problem (your bags lady!), these guys have become unbelievably finicky of late! The last thing you wanna do is pay excess baggage fees which turns out to be more than the cost of 7 pairs of jeans and books put together!

Dreamcatcher said...

Umm hate to spoil the fun but what if you put on weight, what about those 7 jeans? All my cousins without fail gained weight after they went to the US. Must be all that junk food. Oh and what's the shop with the wonderful jeans?

Scorpion King said...

Well small addition to baggage, If u r carrying pressure cooker , Dont forget to carry additional "Whistle" and rubber ring(if its present)

Scorpion King.
P.S Bargaining genes r present on 23rd chromosome ?? haha haa ha..

syrals said...

Wishing you a happy and enjoyable journey :) one suggestion...just sleep in the flight most of the time during your journey...and when u reach US...don't crash on the will increase your tiredness...sleep only when its night out there...that way u can avoid jet lag...take care

cardamom said...

Uncle sam's still waiting with a weighing machine in his hand...your Sis seems to have signed an MoU wid the airline officials..!!...

sunshine said...

ginni- hehe. your comment was equally funny.

anumita- hey that was some amazing advice. hope that works. hehe.

desperado- hey, that was so sweet of you to say that, yeah, i too hope that i am able to get back to teaching someday.

sudipta- 6-7 kg all combined.

unnut- hey, it's 2 checked in stuffs, 32 kg each and i 7kg cabin thing.

notes-to-self- yeah you are right. on a lighter note, i think anumita's suggestion would help.

dreamcatcher- God, lady you just gave me a nightmare. Treasure Island bsement, where else? I wear plain jeans, no beads and designs and weird embroideries for me.

scorpion king- yeah, sound advice my dear, mom was good enuf to get me everything. and yeah, those genes are on the 23rd chromosome because based on the presence or absence of those genes, you become a female or a male. my theory of course.

syrals- hey, thanx dear, though i wonder how much i'd be able to sleep. first time hai na.

cardamom- hehe, well said.