Monday, November 14, 2005

A New Chapter.

Two weeks back, there was a job interview ad published in the newspaper. I naturally overlooked it. And my sis naturally found it. And my mom was naturally like....... when would you grow up and learn to read the newspaper properly? Why do you just skim through the headlines?

Four days back, they called me for the interview. My sis naturally got all the credit. And my mom naturally started calling up all the relatives, as if I had already got the job!

Two days back, I had the interview. The first job interview of my life. I screwed it big time. Okay, I din do that bad, but I wasn’t that good either. Sitting in a plush air conditioned office among some 25 other candidates, I felt like Shashi Kapoor in Deewar....plain, simple, middle class with loads of qualifications and degrees, yet jobless!

The first thing they told me is.....Oh, you don’t have a teachers training? They then said..... Oh, you don’t have the experience either? When it came to salary discussions, they bargained big time. I was very upset by the time I got back home. They had said they “might” get in touch with me after 4-5 days for a second round of interview. For all the diplomacy, they might as well have told me on my face that I had failed to impress them.

My phone rang the moment I reached home. Surely I must have left my phone or purse in a hurry. Strange, I had both with me.

You have been selected ma’am. Please be there Monday morning, 7-15 am sharp.

Was I imagining things? It was not yet 4-5 days. Did she call up the wrong person? Naturally, I was dumbstruck!

Today was my joining day. My first job. The first time I have signed in the school register as a teacher. For the first time, I was on the other side of the stage for the Children’s Day celebrations. For the first time, I sat in the teachers’ staff room instead of a classroom. And tomorrow, I’ll be teaching classes for the first time.

I am sure a lot many first times are gonna happen for the next few weeks. My mom has already made a list of the places I have to take her out for a treat, not to mention the number of movies I’ll have to take her to.

The job is very well timed. Just when I complete my masters, clear the GRE/TOEFL, finish off with the SOP and recommendation letters, and am just about to parcel everything, and am still wondering, “what next?”, I get the job.

Among the many things about this job, the best thing is that I can be surrounded with kids all day now! I am already looking forward to it.

School starts tomorrow morning 7-20 sharp! A good 1 hour 15 minutes from my home. Someone wake me up at 4 am sharp, please!



Abhi said...

Man , what an irony.On Children's day , kids get YOU as a teacher.Dint these guys know they are supposed to do something GOOD for kids on this day ?
Chill maaar.You will do great at this job.Kids are so innocent and stupid ,they will love you.CONGRATULATIONS.

Raam Pyari said...

Some things to keep in mind:

1. Be a lenient teacher! puhleeeezzzz!!!!! when some kid wishes you a good mornig.
3. Give khooobb dher saare markz to the bachchaas.
4. when the budday gurl gives you two Cadburyz give one to the most shy girl in class whom you'll find in some quiet corner .
Wow..its great!!..a job!!! yipeee!!! cyber treat mangta hai!! wot say;)

Subrat said...

Hey sunshine that was great, absolutely fabulous yaar.. have a great time and enjoy your profession

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Smokes!! So it happened!!! Well, do you see the design of the big man now? Good, good, after all, I think this was waiting to happen.... :) Well done, and all the best. More to come

susubala said...

Congratulations for your job and hope u wake up at right time. I'll pray for u.

Ashish Gupta said...

oyeeeeeee which school? which standard? and which section? I've got a lot to teach those kids too!pray that I'll make a good teacher. How abt Chapter 1 - "How to stick half eaten bubble gums on the Chair?"
I sincerely hope the kids be able to make somehow make it thru' :|

PS: Congrats- go rock the party... errr class!

PPS: gud luk with chapter 1 :)

strangequark said...

oh btw to abhinav's comment....
kids will like u coz they are innocent
and stupid?? or...
even if u take my case, ok i'm stupid, but not "that" stupid, but i do like u :), well as a teacher tou pata a student for sure, u really seem quite interested in learning....

sunshine said...

abhinav... Remind me to twist your ears the next time for a comment like this. And as correction work, you are correcting your comments 50 times and writing nice things about me.

ruchi.... bilkul, treat n treat, anytime, anyday. Thanx for the lovely tips. Are you a teacher as well?

subrat/susubala.... hey, thanx a lot.

sudipta..hmm... aag to kahin lagi hai. nahi to, itna dhuaan?

ashish gupta/strangequark.... You guys are just crazy. he he!