Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My First Baby.

I still have faint memories of that rainy Monday morning. Nobody had woken me up or made me ready to go to school. When I woke up, grandma told me that a holiday was declared in my school due to the rains. Rubbing my eyes, I asked where mom was. She said that she has been taken to the hospital. Dad was there too. And I have had a little sister now.

That was way back in the first grade. Later that day, I went to see mom and my new sister. It was still raining heavily. I don’t remember much, but for the fact that my sister was sleeping wrapped in a bundle of clothes. Everybody was talking about what a healthy baby she was born. Even with my mom suffering from jaundice during her pregnancy, she was born a good 4 kg plus, and was very tall for her age.

The birth of my sis proved to be more of a disappointment for me initially. She would sleep or weep all day, she would not smile or recognize me; she would not say funny things or talk to me. I had expected her to at least ask me my name and my school’s name, or share lunch and dinner with me. But she did none of those. So when she would be sleeping and no one was seeing me, I would silently sneak into the room, tickle her tiny feet, and wake her up. They would not even let me take her in my arms.

With time, dad told me that she was my own kid. I would have to take care of her in every way. And from that day, my sis became my responsibility. I would help mom bathe her and feed her, I would funnily dance to songs in order to amuse her. She was so strong, she would crawl up to me and take a fistful of my hair in her tiny hands and shake my head. But I would never cry or complain. She tore my books, puked on me, and scratched my face with her tiny nails. When I was in the fourth grade, she started going to school with me. So I fed her food, arranged her school bag and carried it with me, helped her do her homework (most of the times I would do it myself while she would play), and made sure that nobody bothered her in class. She was a real lazy baby who would never be ready on time. So I would help mom in getting her ready for school as well. And when we would be real late, I would carry her in my arms, with the school bags and all, and run all the way from the school gate to her class. Most of the days, I would get late for my assembly doing all this. I always treated her as my kid, my responsibility.



Ashish Gupta said...

awwnnn :"> thats so damn chweeet. Was hard to hold the flood with eyelids :|

remembering my didi and missing her more than ever tonight :(

whoaa its 3 am in night and me sitting here crying 'coz I am never gonna fight with her, she would never carry my bag to school again EVER and she wouldn't ever sit and teach me till early morning hours on exam days :((
listening phoolon ka taaron ka sabka kehna hai !!!!!

PS: came from abhi's blog.

Abhi said...

You know she shares her birthday with shahrukh khan ! Oh , was i supposed to say something sappy instead of handing out some fact like discovery channel ? anyway ,a very Happy birthday to your sis !

abhishek mehrotra said...
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abhishek mehrotra said...

Try this. I guess all elsder brothers/sisters think alike.

dotty_pixie said...

i had the same experience ..with my sis!!the day she ws born..5th september..i remembr it so clearly..i ws coming bak frm school after celebrating teacher's day and was taken to the hospital where i saw this tiny tiny baby..who cud be anybody..but she was sister..!
its a wonderful feeling tho very confusing..
cool post!

sunshine said...

ashish- Hey buddy, I can empathize. Just cheer up, and smile for the lovely moments. I am sorry this post has brought tears in a lot of peoples' eyes. I have seen a particular post on your blog about the "iit/iim groom wanted", and I must say, it's damn good!

abhinav...hey thanx buddy, your wishes will be conveyed. Yes, I know about this SRK's thing, I've seen stupid girls telling her... oh you are so lucky you share your bday with SRK. Big Deal!'s good to know that we share similar feelings on some issues. A very happy and belated birth day to you. How did you get my blog link by the way?

nivindya....thanx's a great feeling that there is someone in this world you share your genes with. And this is precisely why I feel people should have 2 kids.

strangequark said...

that is lovely....
wish her from my side too :D

sunshine said...

strangequark....yes, definitely! Thanx.

Ashish Gupta said...

//I am sorry this post has brought tears in a lot of peoples' eyes

Nooo pls dont be sorry.

Those were the tears of joy of being someone's "first baby". Thanks for all the remembrances I had of me and her :)
crying sometimes is ok. . its great!

sunshine said...

@ashish... hmmm!!!

Rolling said...

you are a nice person for me to have stumbled upon :)

MARIA said...

Great writing and a good subject to write about as well. Thought about my own experience as an elder sister. My younger brother was born when I was 15 and when I saw him first at the hospital and held him in my hands, he looked so tiny and so delicate...Now, he's has grown up and hates to be called "Vava" (baby)or any signs of affection! Great post, Sunshine!