Friday, July 28, 2017

The zzzz-factor

I have a strong history with sleep. I can sleep through anything- power outages, rock concerts, nightmares, loud wedding music, ringing phones, earthquakes, heartbreaks, neighbors audibly performing their procreation duties, plane takeoffs, anything. Doesn't mean I sleep all day, just that when I got to sleep, I got to sleep. This is the biggest reason I do not go for evening movie shows. I have slept through 300, and I have slept through Harry Potter (the only exception being Dilwale, it was so bad, I could just not fall asleep). People complain of being unable to sleep in flights, but I often doze off even before the plane has taken off. There are few occasions when I have actually had trouble falling asleep. Those are handful, and I clearly remember most of them.

But today, I set a new record. People who know me well also know my frequent tryst with the dentist, and how often I have been visiting one (actually, two) for the past year. This smile does come at a huge maintenance cost. I am mortally afraid of dentists. Who isn't? However, I fell asleep at the dentist's today, in the middle of another procedure. I am recovering from jet lag and it was my sleep time in Kolkata. So sometime while lying on my back, blankly staring at the blinding lights and listening to the music of a drilling machine with my jaws propped open like an alligator's, I fell asleep. This is so unbelievable, it's not even funny. It's a different story that I'm sleepless now. The anesthesia has worn off. Forget sleep, I am close to forgetting my baaper naam (father's name) right now.


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