Friday, February 26, 2016

My Saturday Night Date

I come home from work starving to the point that I feel faint. I go to the kitchen to do the dishes, wondering what I could grab as a snack. We have a communal kitchen shared by the five of us. A man I have never seen before walks in. He has the most unusual accent I have heard.

"Hey, I am your new neighbor."

"Oh hi! Welcome. When did you arrive?"

"Two hours ago. I am from Tunisia. Where are you from?"


"Great. See you later. Here, take these dates I got from home."

And just like that, he left me a dozen dates and disappeared into his room. 

The dates were quite good actually. So I wasn't going to faint from starving after all. I came back to my room to look up where exactly Tunisia is on the world map. 

Somehow, people around me, mostly strangers offer me food all the time. I've long ago stopped listening to mom about not eating food from strangers. Today, last week's aloo parathe during the morning walk. My neighbor feeds me dinner every second day. Even this time on my Emirates flight, the lady beside me offered me her dessert, just like that. I promise, I was not eyeing hers, I had my own. 


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