Thursday, February 25, 2016

Morning Walks

Morning walks are excellent for health. I can give you even better data than scientists do.

Sunday morning, 8 am. I wake up to get a message from my neighbor, asking to go for a morning walk. I don't enjoy morning walks as much, simply because they need to be done in the mornings. It takes me a while to get my batteries started, and a walk meant prepping myself by wearing multiple layers of warm clothing. I love spending the weekends just lying lazily without the compulsion of having to be anywhere or do anything. 

Anyway, I could give you all these excuses, but I was ridden with guilt when my neighbor was giving me a healthier option in life, and all I was thinking about was sinking into my bed and finishing off the Korean movie from last night. Reluctantly, I got up, downed a glass of milk, grabbed a fruit, put on warm clothes (thermals, woolen socks, gloves, cap, scarf, down jacket, etc.), and started our walk, looking more like an Eskimo/polar bear on a mission, while other runners breezed past us, showing off their lithe, beautifully sculpted bodies. 

20 minutes into our walk, it started pouring heavily, and none of us had an umbrella. We were right in front of the international guest house. I've never been inside, although I have walked by it several times and always wondered what it looked like from inside. As if reading my thoughts, someone opened the door for us, a stranger I have never met before. Not wanting to freeze outside, we stepped in. There was an undeniable smell of Indian cooking wafting in the air. So we simply followed our noses, to end up in a common kitchen, where two women were making aloo paranthas, fresh from the oven. One of them was the one who had opened the door for us a few minutes ago.

The next few minutes of what happened is not so clear to me. Everyone thought that we were the other person's friend, whereas we knew no one there. Soon, a table for six was laid, and we were invited to stay for breakfast, probably because each one thought that the other one knew us. What started off as a morning walk ended as a noon walk, where we walked back home after noon, happy and sated, after gulping many aloo paranthas, cilantro and mint chutney, pickles, and ginger chai, befriending everyone who had invited us, and exchanging promises of organizing a similar "morning walk" session soon.

Morning walks are highly recommended henceforth. Imagine going for one, bumping into a bunch of strangers, barging into their kitchen, eating their food, chatting up for hours, and coming home after the food fiesta, to jump back directly into bed and take a siesta.


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Dew said...

I always enjoy reading your posts. Whenever I see a post from you my heart jumps with joy. Though I do not know you personally I feel like I have known you for many years reading your blog. My journey of reading blogs started with your blog way back in 2007. :)

Keep writing. Have fun !