Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Paulo Coelho’s Trip Tips

Being an ardent traveler and a big fan of traveling alone or in small groups, I could very well relate to this article. I have not much to add to this, except one advice. Travel in poverty. Stay at hostels, that is where you see all the local action happening. The lack of comfort will also make you leave your room early and go out exploring. Avoid the cab or the bus if you can walk. When I was visiting Hawaii, I lived in a tiny youth hostel, although I was working and I had the money to be able to afford a hotel. Every night, a group of local guys would sit outside the hostel and play the guitar. Tired to the core, I would go to sleep every night listening to a group of men animatedly chatting and playing live music. How would I find it if I stayed at an upscale hotel?
This is a picture of the Fontana di Trevi in Rome, my first Eurotrip two summers ago. I traveled in penuriousness, and had the best time of my life.



Mr. Banerjee said...

Backpacking aka traveling in poverty is the best way to travel. Staying in 4 star hotels and taking pictures of the cutlery is hardly traveling, but tell that to the Gujarati aunties and the Kundu Travels people.

shrida said...


I have been following your blog for sometime now....... n this one is the post i can most relate too....... it sure is more fun when you stay in hostels when you travel for the mere fact of number of people you meet and the awesome local places you get guided too........ i have special liking for fontane de trevi and euro trip i did while i was studying is the one that i will remember lifelong... good to see someone share same fondness for place. :) :)

illusion said...

no post in almost two months.. hope ur ok...

write soon

illusion said...

no posts for so long!! i hope ur ok?