Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fed Up

All you Roger Federer fans must be rejoicing out there. Well, the merrymaking is not so evident in our household. Both my roommates are ardent tennis fans, and both wanted Andy Murray to win. Well, one of them is a diehard Nadal fan, and she feels that although Federer is great, good luck has got a lot to do with his winnings in the past. She could not care about who wins if it was not Nadal. I am not sure about the other, the soft corner might be because of her history with London. In any case, one of them was livid, and the other lachrymose when I saw them after the match. As for me, I am not a tennis follower. The little bit of tennis I know about is because we live in the same house, and sometimes I watch what they watch. However, I have a history of making stupid comments. For example, I watched the finals for about half an hour (before I dozed off), and asked them if Murray is from Australia. The other day, I asked who Rafa was. I thought that Rafa and Nadal were two different people. Trust me, you cannot beat that.


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Abhishek Mukherjee said...

What is this post about, BTW? Why are you spelling "rougher" like that? Is this the new American style?