Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Scar(r)y Vegetable Story

My friend G has a granny, like every friend, and every human in general does. G’s granny is different though. She seems to be the enlightened one, knowledgeable about things around her, and always full of examples and anecdotes from life.

She explained to G long back how the marriage market works. It’s like a buyer in the busy vegetable market. The earlier you went there, the better the supply of vegetables was. Crisp, fresh, green, nutritious, healthy vegetables, no puns intended. The later you went in the day, the more the chances you ended up with rotten vegetables, not fit to be consumed except by the flies. So the earlier you decided to tie the knot, the better you had your chances of finding the person of your choice. The older you got, the lesser your choices were. All that remained in the unmarried market were scarred, rotten vegetables.

I kept listening to G’s granny’s words of wisdom, with a scary image forming in my head. I was in a vegetable’s market, much later in the day, where there were hardly any vegetables left. The ones that were there were the rejected ones. Was that what I’d end up buying? Or would I go home vegetable-less?

Then I had an even more scary image in my head. Someone was sifting through the vegetables later in the day. I was one of the rotting vegetables.

Bummer !!!



Uma said...

Stop scaring pls :D
--another rotting tomato.

muggleblog said...

Well, here is the contradiction. Vegetable buying needs experience, which comes after regular visits to the Veggie market. I have seen people ending up with troubled relationship when they marry too early or when in hurry. I honestly believe that its fate which determines the quality of marriage. Yes, you do get more time to enjoy if you marry early or a good time to break and move away if you end up getting a bad deal.

The Wandering Minstrel said...

oh thank goodness. i think i got there early. and i think i stayed on the shopping cart not later than 8am in the day. now we are one happy beetroot/potato/radish/whatever else couple. :P

$$ said...

Hahaha... hilarious! :) Loved it, Granny rocks!

...i like Uma's comment too.

- (already) sold vegetable! :):)

Nona said...

:) Good one!

Sohan Dhanuka said...
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Sohan Dhanuka said...
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Moonriver said...

Granny sounds just like my mom -_-
It kinda reminded me of the "Women are like apples" quote though they aren't quite same.
And I would rather not end up in a stir-fry just now :p
--Veggie who doesn't want to be sold/bought

Krishnan said...

Must admit never did come across this analogy before :)

+1 to the first comment (last line)