Monday, January 11, 2010

A Class Apart

New year brought with it something good for me after all – an opportunity to teach a class at the local university. It so happened that these people were looking for a guest lecturer to teach a single class on the concepts of air pollution. Given that I am happy to teach anytime (provided I know the concepts), and with all the time I have these days, I was more than willing to pitch in.

So here I was teaching a class after almost 3.5 years. And it was different. First, it was not my school back in India, and this was just one class. This was my first ever teaching experience in the US, even if it was just one class for an hour. The kids were not really kids, they were undergraduate students who don’t really scream and shout and do funny things in class (like my kids back in Kolkata used to). Air pollution is somewhat vague a topic and one could babble for months. So I had to carefully make my slides, knowing where to draw the line so that the students didn’t doze off right after the lunch break, and being extra-prepared for the Q&A session. Overall, things went well.

I realized that even after all these years, I really enjoy teaching, going to a class prepared with content to talk about. Perhaps the year will bring much more with it, more opportunities, more classes, more chances to get back my rightful place in the industry. Till then, I am ready to bask in the glory of whatever little opportunities I get to do things useful, and things I enjoy doing.



Mishti said...

Congrats Sunshine!! :-) I am very happy at your happiness :-)

Sanchit said...


Dewdrop said...

All the best with the new teaching experiences :) Do share more with us.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

well done. you've probably explored the option, but i thought i'll suggest it anyway- a lot of small liberal arts colleges (undergrad institutes) look for adjunct faculty to come in and teach a class or a lab for a semester or so, to substitute a regular faculty. do try all the small colleges around your area, and send them your resume even if they don't have an ad out.

sunshine said...

Mishti- Thank you :)

Sanchit- :)

Dewdrop- Sure will :)

TGFI- Thanks for planting this idea in my head, this thought hadn't struck me before this :)

Anonymous said...

Am curious did TGFI's idea result in more opportunities??

Am hopeful, even the laziest student would find your class amusing :D
Given how you write, your classes should not be boring :)