Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My “Wonder”ful World.

I wonder-

Why no matter which side of the street I am on waiting for the bus, there always seems to be more buses running on the opposite side.

Why every time I hit the “up” button on the elevator, the one going down arrives first.

Why the more I study for the exams, the better gets my chances of screwing them up.

Why every time the professor in class asks a student some question, I always know the answer to it, but when it is my turn to answer questions, I am clueless.

Why every guy I have a crush on has a crush on somebody else, and guys who have a crush on me do not get crushed back at.

Why every girl from college who was better in academics has a better job, and every girl academically inferior to me has a husband, while I have neither.

Why every time I try to guess the correct answer to a true/false question in the exams, I end up choosing the wrong option.

Why every time I check the prices for avocados before buying them, they are $1 each, but every time I forget to check their price, they are $1.80 each.

Why every time I wake up late, I have all the unfinished jobs in the world to do before I leave for class.

Why my fellow passengers have always been uninteresting couples with badly behaved kids throwing a tantrum every now and then whenever I travel.

Why every time I get late for class and do not bring lunch, the girl in front of me always munches on a chicken burrito.

Why every time I tell myself that I do not have the time to cook, and my body should understand and cooperate and use up all the fat reserves, I end up feeling hungrier than ever. Perhaps my stomach has no brains.

Why the probability of me meeting my dad on my way back home always increases a hundred fold whenever I am with some guy friend.

Why when we lived in an era with no call waiting on the phone, every important call for dad came whenever I used to be on the phone.

Why mirrors in shopping malls are strategically placed everywhere so that every time you pick up a sexy dress, the fat girl in the mirror sarcastically laughs back at you.

Why every time I am done buying something (say a camera, a laptop, a webcam, whatever), its price either goes down or I see a better deal elsewhere.

Why every time I am the least prepared for class, the professor seeks my opinion on topics the most.

Why every time some girl in the group starts going out with some guy, I am always the last one to know.

Why every time a handsome guy on the plane is looking lost trying to find his seat and I pray that the empty seat beside me be his, he seats himself at the remotest corner in the plane.

Why lip sticks look great on every woman, but it makes me look like a blood-sucking vampire.

Why whenever I absentmindedly scratch my hair or dig my nose in an empty room, someone walks in without preamble.

Why of all the 30 odd 5 year old kids who were by themselves at that wedding, I was the only kid who sat on a broken chair and fell in the gutter on that cold, wintry night.

Why every time I make a resolution of working the most on a particular weekend, I end up sleeping the most.

Why every time G comes over to my place, my room is in a mess, while it looks fine the rest of the days (or maybe whenever my room is in a mess, G decides to come over).

Why every guy who looks interesting is engaged, married, or has migrated to Antarctica.

Why every time Y would call me up back at home, I would be in the loo.

Why every time I study lead, arsenic, and cadmium, a question on mercury comes for the exams.

If the hypothesis of a good looking person always marrying a bad looking spouse is true, should I prefer considering myself good looking or should I prefer having a good looking husband instead?

Why every time I forget the phone and imagine every Tom, Dick, and Harry trying to call me up, I rush home at the end of the day only to find that no Tom, Dick, or Harry called me.

Why any sari that looks good on me always looks better on my friends.

Why just when I reach the crossing does the light turn red.

Why every time I stood on the left in a crowded metro, the lady on the right always got a seat first.
Why every time someone clicked the camera without telling me, either my eyes were shut or my paunch was showing.

Why every time I had an important appointment to attend to, the alarm clock would ditch me.

Why every time I sat down to watch India playing, Ganguly got out.

Why every time I would need my sun glasses, I would forget to put them in my purse.

Why every time I would go on for a photo-clicking spree, the batteries would run low.

Why every time there would be a huge queue to get a platform ticket, there would be a paunchy ticket inspector right at the gate.

Why I can never determine what spices to put in what curry and always end up cooking horrible food with all the wrong spices.

Why every time I am in a huge family gathering, some aunt of mine always has to recount inappropriate stories from my childhood.

Why every time I have a nightmare of getting onto a weighing machine and the pointer crazily deflecting to the right, it is actually never a nightmare, but stark, harsh reality.

Why every time I decided to wear something adventurous to college, dad would go to office late or come home early.

Why every time I am on the phone and am required to note down something, maybe a number or an address, I can never find a pen in the radius of some 10 feet.

Why I can usually remember any persons’ month of birth, but usually never the date of birth.

Why every time I miss the bus despite running to get it is the bus I needed to take, and why whenever I reach the bus stop on time, it is never the bus I needed to take that arrives first.

Why every time I sneaked into the kitchen at night, I’d get caught by mom. Even now I have this habit of looking here and there to make sure that no one is around when I am stealing food from the fridge, though I very well know that no one is around.

So what are you wondering about today?



Full2 Faltu said...

Thats a long list but has only one simple answer;

Murphy's law - It screws you everytime.


Joe said...

Yes.. Even I got reminded of Murphy's law. These things happens with everbody.

I hope u r not really looking for answers.


Goli said...

Nice compilations.... but same comments as other guys... Murphy at Work.. :D

sushant said...

Ans. 37) ganguly got out when you didnt see the match too, not just those matches you saw.

'jo said...

just today i was jabbing on this murphy's law...or better coined as "why" syndrome.....

why everytime i plan to meet my friend at lunch hour @ 1 in the afternoon that a meeting is planned at that precise moment....

Sankalp said...

full2 fal2 is absolutely right. it's all murphy's fault.

SurAj said...

nice post.

what am I wondering about today ?

I am wondering why pessimism always triumphs over optimism :P

CM-Chap said...

"Why every time some girl in the group starts going out with some guy, I am always the last one to know." - May be ur so busy to notice, better relax and look around.

One more common Murphy's law - Why always phone rangs when I'm in the bath tub?

Anonymous said...

Why every time I start reading dis blog I expect something interesting but I end up losing my creativity and sense of being alive ? Why Sunshine why ?Why r u doing this to us?

Dreamcatcher said...

Murphy like has already been said. Maybe we're special children of Murphy's.

Anonymous said...

Its calle waiting,not call waiters.

Chaos said...

yep Murphy's law it is....Just the other day i was wondering when all plans to go to my freind's wedding get finally finalised, do the most pressing engagements turn up to cancel all plans, leaving me alone the one going for the same. :)

and then of course the grass is always green on the other side.

sunshine said...

Thank you readers, I had heard about Murphy's law, but I didn't really know what that was, and unnecessarily I ended up writing a post on that. Thank you all for your valuable feedback.

Pankaj Saini said...

I have been reading your posts for quite sometime but this is my first comment.... well regarding this post I'll agree with Suraj.....that why pessimism always triumphs over optimism ...... but hands off to the list of things you've mentioned....i mean it's so difficult to put 50 points together at a time.......keep posting.....

Anonymous said...

somethings in life are ironical.. however whenever i go through ur lists,, i wonder why i relateto every word tht being written there.. may be on the basic level, everybody is similaR.. has same set of emotions.. love.. fears.. and abt the last one.. well love hurts.. u hv exprienced it before.. ur awre of it,, isnt it?? well tk care

shammu said...

hiii, every time i iread each point f your si thot itwas myself talking :D!!

Shahana said...

Because what you observe is what you are :-)(It's not Murphy's Law, it's Heisenberg's principle.)