Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wisdom Strikes.

Earlier this evening, this is a moment captured from my room window where the moon shines bright in the faint glows of the sunlight-streaked sky.

It’s past midnight, and as I sit sleepless in my room, lonely and bereft of human company, with the only sounds coming from the music in my laptop, wisdom strikes.

I am turning into an insomniac. I know I must sleep, but I sit wide awake, unable to decide what to do. There have been a thousand different ideas puzzling me, confusing me. I know not what to do. Or perhaps, I do.

When insomnia hits, it’s better to sit with your books and study. You either end up learning your chapters, or you ultimately fall asleep.

This is my theory.

A brief hiatus before I rebound with more ideas, and more writings.

The first yawn is almost on its way. Eureka !!!



janak chandarana said...

it never happened to me..
anyway..your tip to read book will be helpful someday.

Kartik said...

If I'm right,insomniac is a noun, so it should be "i am becoming an insomniac...."
don't mind me...I'm just a guy who was a proof reader in a previous life before a bus ran over me. :)
ur lucky to have that kind of view from your room....

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