Monday, November 13, 2006

Nature Did It.

They said it rains a lot here. So what? As if it doesn’t rain in India. That’s what I thought.

You had to be here to know what the rains here are like. And they say this year has broken the record of the past many years. Unlike India, it doesn’t pour. It keeps drizzling all day. This has been the case for the last few weeks.

I guess people don’t really notice the rains here. Back in India if this were the case, everyday would be declared a rainy day and people would never go out for work. Here, I am expected to attend classes from 8 am three days a week. Well, I don’t remember seeing daylight anywhere before 7 am here. What more, I don't even need to look out to know if it's raining. The constant sounds of the angry slaps on my windowpane says it all.

The weather is such that you wish everyday was a holiday. You wish you could delve deeper into your sleeping bag and the alarm clock wouldn’t ring at all. You wish there was mom making hot and comforting food. But in the morning, all I survive on are milk and cereals.

I know that I signed up for this life. But then, I saw a very beautiful sight today. Remember Indian weddings where the groom's car is decorated allover with flowers? I have no clue what happens in American weddings. But on my way to school, I actually stopped in the rains to take out my camera and click this.

Who decorated it? Nature did it. Don’t you think it looks amazing?



sneha said...

wow.. autumn leaves do make great decoration :))

whoami said...

you sure this is 100% natural??[:P]

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Nice :)

Anonymous said...

much better than what a wedding decorator could do.
-dharna :)

rachana said...

hi sunshine,
nice pic of car..

alpine path said...

Cool! Looks like u r becoming very busy with the cam :) Keep it up!

Inim Aduos said...

'it reminds of wedding in India where we decorate the groom's car with flowers'
What a creative thought. I hope you don't mind borrowing one of your snaps.