Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Very Special Feeling.

I got my first salary yesterday. I guess the first things in life are always special. First boy friend, first date, first salary. When I was out of school 6 years back, I started tutoring English to a young girl living close by. The first time I had held those 3 bills of 100 rupees each in my hand, I had felt that I was the richest person on earth. I had the same feeling when I signed the receipt and held my first salary check yesterday. What more, I am a taxpayer now!!

Late at night, I had held the salary envelope this way and that way, swaying it again and again in front of my eyes, just to make sure that all this was true. I have friends and classmates who still haven’t managed to get a job. I feel so fortunate that I did. Dad treated all of us to some great Chinese food in Gariahat. I know I should have treated them, but dad never lets me pay.

Have planned my Christmas vacations. Am taking a week off. Just got my tickets today. Am going Switzerland. Wanna come? Just kidding. Switzerland will have to wait for a while. May be until a few more "first times" happen. Like taking a plane for the first time. 



Shekhar said...

Hey!! Congratulations!! Happy spend it wisely though.

When I got my first paycheck of 3000 bucks and I did NOT buy anything for anyone, Mom was a bit disappointed. But the "Ambani" in me already knew I was onto bigger things.

The day I got my salary from my next job which got me 15,000 bucks, I bought a necklace for Mom and a shirt for Dad. Of course, I secretly took my girlfriend's help, but what the hell..?

Happy Spending once again !!

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Hey!! Congratulations... I know it feels great. I think I went out and bought some chocolates for myself when the first salary came.

Abhi said...

//I am going to switzerland

Holy cow ! Holy Bull ! Holy Cattle ! You will kill some weak hearted person some day .I read this and yelled at the top of my voice "Nahiiii ! Kehdo yeh jhooth hain !!".Acute inferiority complex ho gaya tha.

strangequark said...

Your dad don't let you spend on him,
don't worry you are free to spend 100% of it on me, more than welcome :)
Thou,I missed the chance of swinging cash in front of my eyes....
actually i got a Check :P
and after that electornic transfers :D

and hey hey hey....
" Like first marriage and first honeymoon?" many do you plan?????

raven said...

oye congrats... hopefully now u'd let go of ur stalking habits!! waise treat milegi?

sunshine said...

@shekhar- hey thanx buddy, though given the type that I am, maybe I'll invest it in shares. he he.

@sudipta- mere chocolates kahaan hai? India-US fares have drastically come down. Apna plan yaad hai na?

@jughead- guess what you'd do when I take that plane to the US. Tu to campus ke Howrah Bridge se kood padega.

@strangequark- as far as marriage and honeymooning is concerned, the sky is the limit. And as far as spending on you is concerned.... errr.... cough cough.... ahem... I mean... arreee..... well.... What can I say? Panipuri se chalega? He he.

@raven- arre aap pehle milo to sahi, zaroor milegi. Fir na kehna ki you are being stalked.

strangequark said...
another hollywood celeb in making???????????
every 3 mths, hubby chg???

raven said...

arre free ka khaana khaane ke liye to hum log kuch bhi kar lenge... fir 1 stalker se milna kya hai!! lekin abhi dada se poochna padega na pehle!

Ashish Gupta said...

beautiful :)

//"I had the same feeling..."
Of course the world is all yours, go paint it red!

Wishing you love, luck and MONEY in ur life :D

sunshine said...

@strangequark- You bet! It's not a bad idea, hai na?

@raven- Ab yeh dada kahaan se aa gaya? Jab raven sunshine raazi to kya karega dada-ji? Poor rhyming, huh?

@ashish- hey thank you, thank you, thank you dear!!!