Monday, September 19, 2005

Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi.....

This is the Vishwakarma Puja week. And here I am on the terrace, enjoying the lovely breeze, the dark gray rain clouds, and the sporadic drizzling. You should look at the sky stippled with thousands of those colorful kites!!! And a bunch of over enthusiastic boys on every terrace. Reminds me of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

And all I do is be a silent witness to the “Kite-Fight”. Because I’ve never learnt to fly a kite. Makes me long all the more to don my favourite floral tee shirt and faded denims, buy myself a few kites, and join the group.

Well, at 24, there are some 2400 things I want to try out. Age was never a factor, hesitancy was.

Like FLYING A KITE. There is something so very charming about flying a kite, that gives you a wild sense of freedom.

And WHISTLING IN MOVIE HALLS. Not a very lady like thing to do, I admit. In sixth grade, a guy in the last bench was caught and punished for whistling in Mrs.Ahmed's class. The culprit was me. I escaped ‘coz no body could suspect a girl doing that. But I am yet to learn those different techniques where you use your fingers to hold your lips.

Also, PLAYING FOOTBALL. My mom would get the shock of her life like Mrs.Bhamra in Bend It Like Beckham if she were to know this. Not that I am a sports fan. Just that playing football seems like a cool thing to do.

And learning MARTIAL ARTS. I’ve seriously been thinking of going for it for almost 10-12 years now. But I’m only gaining age and weight and dulling my reflexes day by day. 

And the GUITAR. One of the most romantic musical instruments according to me. Remember those guys in college who’d bunk classes and loiter around with a guitar, shamlessly drawing all the female attention? Carrying a guitar was a sure shot sign of being a cool dude and a compulsive flirt. 

Also, doing BHARAT BHRAMAN IN A MAALGADI. Well, people travel in trains and planes. But there is something about traveling in those open boxes of coal, lying on your back and watching the sky, the stars, the fields, and enjoying your freedom, with no idea about where the train is headed towards. All the better when you have eloped and have no baggage to carry.

And TRAVELLING IN A PLANE. I wonder if it is like in Hindi movies where you always get a seat beside the hero, and there would be great food and good looking air hostesses. When you wake up, you eventually find yourselves on the hero’s shoulders? Dad says travelling in planes is scary,  with bad weather and air pockets. Still, a little bit of filmy imagination never hurt anyone. I admit I still stare greedily at those blinking lights from the terrace and there is something so very beautiful, so very powerful about planes. 

And there are a hundred more things I can think of.... bunjee jumping, river rafting, skiing, going up a lighthouse (I've done it just once), etc. No wonder there are Hazaaron Khwaishien Aisi. Maybe I'll start with learning to whistle first.



DeePDiveR said...

"what is this life if full of care
we have no time to stop and stare"

i guess this no longer applies to you now that u've got through colleges and care and only stop to get out and do all those things u've always wanted to. In fact it was pretty surprising that u havent already done theses things because u seem to be quite 'thotkata'(in a good way) with ur why did u not do these things and ended up wasting time over and over?

abhi said...

I am saying nothing ( ha ha ha ..aelloplaane chahiye? ).I am totally quiet ( wow , the hostess , the food , the plush interiors , the pilot...mmmm).
And of course , a train is much more fascinating than a plane na ? ;P

ok , jus kiddin.well jahaaj wins at last !

Anonymous said...

Don't worry...u'll soon fulfill ur elloplane-waala dream. And mind my words, u'll change ur words. I had a terrific confidence that I can sleep anywhere, even standing on a crowded bus in Kolkata.(Believe me! I used to do that in my 11-12)...but the confidence dissappeared when I spent sleepless night in Singapore-bound aircraft....that too midst of snoring air-bus.


pj said...

Too good....Your skills are fantastic..I am in the stage in which you were few days back i.e. preparing for GRE...

Prashant said...

it is not at all surprising tht u got a 6 in ur essays..well done...

sunshine said...

deepdiver....hey, even when you think you have done all the things you have ever wanted in life, there would still be things you want to do over and over again.

abhi....oye, you stop showing your hawai jahaz superiority attitude in instalments and come and tell me all the goodies about travelling in planes. And then I will give you a piece of my mind.

dalim....I am still waiting for my maiden flight, and I hope I will have lots to post after that.

pj....thanx and good luck.

prashant...thanx buddy.