Monday, July 30, 2018


She was whining for some time now, starting to give me a headache. I did not want to engage in a rather monotonous monologue that sounded to me like the first world problem of married people, but I couldn't just disengage and leave. So I nodded as she whined about the emotional disconnect she has felt for a while, and how she has been contemplating leaving him. It took me great effort to stifle a yawn. I had my own problems in life to deal with and wondered how long this whining would last.

At this point, I sensed a hint of empowerment in her voice.

“I’ll leave him if he does not start communicating with me. It's his loss. He will be the one left alone. I will have no problem finding someone.”

It felt a little odd to me after she iterated in a few different ways that she would not have trouble finding someone. Leaving your husband is one thing, power to you for following your heart, but where is this finding someone coming from? I know enough about the grown-up world to know that finding someone you like who likes you back isn’t always easy.

“Are you already seeing someone?” I asked.

“No, I am not,” she said.

“Then who is this someone you keep referring to? How can you find someone so soon?” I ask, in a moment of naivete.

At this point, the 60-year old wearing a sleeveless, body hugging top thrusts her boobs in a rather provocative way that came out more comic than provocative and says, her voice laced with passion, “Because I have a nice body. And I have a great personality. Because I am quite a catch.”

It might have been inappropriate to burst out laughing, but I am human. Even when I was half her age, I never had the conviction, the confidence to say out loud that I am quite a catch. Like they say, attitude is all that matters in life (no idea who said it though).


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