Friday, June 03, 2016

Singing with devotion

Baby Kalyani’s family is one musical family. G practices Carnatic music when she cooks. Simultaneously, Baby D (Baby Kalyani’s little sister) sings "Quinkle Quinkle Little Star." And the seven-year old decides to teach me some music too.

Baby Kalyani: Sing. Shri Gananatha.

sunshine: Shri Gananatha.

Baby Kalyani: No, it is Natha.

sunshine: Natha.

Baby Kalyani: No, Natha.

sunshine: Forget it. Let me teach you a devotional song. Sing. Jay Jay Shiv Shankar.

Baby Kalyani: Jay Jay Shiv Shankar.

sunshine: Kaanta lage na kankar.

Baby Kalyani: Auntie, stop singing silly songs! Sing. Shri Gananatha. 

And we continue to sing in a loop all evening. 


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