Friday, April 22, 2016

Judging a bottle by its cover

Baba Ramdev has been omnipresent in our household for decades now. In an era when watching television before evening was a strict no-no, my mom would dutifully watch his yoga programs first thing in the morning, hoping that watching proves to be at least half as effective as doing it. So this time, I was not surprised when I saw that the entire household has been taken over by his brand of products. From cooking spices to breakfast food to hair oil, personal care products, cosmetics, and even the vermilion my mother wears on her forehead, everything had Baba Ramdev's stamp on it. Open the kitchen drawers, open the bathroom shelves, he is everywhere. 

Now, I strictly refused to use these products, mainly for three reasons- Did not like the smell, did not like the name, and did not like the fact that everyone in the family was obsessed about him, using terms like "natural" with no idea about what natural is. Ironic enough, my sister has an equally voluminous stash of beauty products collected from Europe and America, although she has never stepped outside India. 

One day while taking a shower, I am pleasantly surprised to find a bottle of shower gel amid a jungle of Ramdev products. L’Occitane is a very favorite brand of mine (French in origin), and I remember getting all excited about discovering this store when I visited France earlier one summer. It is an expensive brand, and I use it quite conservatively. I am quite surprised that my sister knows about it too, and more importantly, has a huge collection of this brand, way more than I do. I happily take a shower, but wonder why I step out of the shower smelling of papayas and pumpkins. 

Looks like she emptied a bottle of Baba Ramdev's hand wash into the L’Occitane bottle.

We haven't been on speaking terms ever since.



kinminsworld said...

I love reading your blog and am so happy that you've been writing regularly.. I stop by almost everyday to see if there's a new post.. It's interesting that I thought of commenting on many of your earlier posts, but didn't get to it..
So, as I read this post on a quiet Saturday morning, I laughed loudly.. Growing up in middle class India, something about this post is so relatable and yet so funny.. Thank you for the laughter! And for all your other awesome posts!!

sunshine said...

kinminsworld, that is a lovely compliment. Thank you. :)

Art said...

I was just about to fall off my chair laughing..
Ur posts are just amazing

Ritu Raj said...

I think this is your funniest post yet!

Keep Shining :)