Tuesday, June 09, 2015

A Conference in Chicago- 4

I met the most uxorious man at the conference. A wife's pride. Or a wife's nightmare, depending on which side of the crazy continuum you are in.

I thought that the man was presenting, until I realized that he was just setting up the computer for his wife. I didn't notice any visible signs of impairment in the wife though. And then, during the entire length of her talk, he held a point and shoot camera, recording her. In case you are wondering, I have never seen this at the conferences I attend. Sure, some people take a picture or two after the presentation (mostly Asians from abroad do that, understandably), and that's about it.

And this is not all. When the wife finished and someone in the audience asked a question, he pointed the camera at the audience. I did not ask her a single question, because I did not want a camera in my face, recording me. He continued doing that, until the baby woke up and started crying. Yeah, they brought in a few month old baby too. At that point, he had no option but to take the crying baby outside the conference room.

I am wondering if it's a new wife, a new camera, or a new experience of presenting at an international conference.


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