Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Facebook Retro

If Facebook existed during my grandparents' or even parents’ time, this is what their walls would read like:  

1. Chitrahaar about to start in 10 minutes. Thank God it’s Wednesday! Where is my Rasna?

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Comment: Did you check out Jitendra’s white shirt and white trousers and white shoes. Those 30-plus pills are working wonders.

2. So happy to get mommy's telegram today. Want to send her an inland letter soon.

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Comment: Say pranaam to mataji.

3. Upgraded from a B&W television to a color television. Now the neighbors can come and watch the World Cup ’86 with us. So excited!

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Comment: Maradona kicked ass and balls today.

4. We have a new member in the family now. A shiny new blue Bajaj scooter. Humara Bajaj!

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Comment: Badhai ho!

5. Went to do grocery but forgot the bazaar ki thaili. Since plastic bags have not been invented yet, I came home empty handed.

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No comments yet.

6. Off to watch the latest Amitabh-Rekha movie in our Humara Bajaj at the Gopi cinema hall. Multiplexes? What are those?

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Comment: How were the tulip fields?

7. Nuclear family. Learnt a new concept today.

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Comment: I learnt a new word too. Privacy.

8. Off to Puri for our honeymoon. Yipeee! Will visit the Jagannath temple too. (The average middle-class Bengali's travel destination those days mostly used to be Digha, Puri, or Darjeeling).

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Comment: Have fun. Wink wink.

9. Went to pay a surprise visit to my friend but her door was locked from outside. So sad. I wish we had telephones.

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No comments.

10. The day started with watching Rangoli, followed by breakfast of luchi torkari, and an hour long session of Ramayana. I love Sundays!

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Comment: Hanuman kicked ass today!

11. Load shedding !! %#^%&^% Spent two hours in the darkness, listening to Akashvani.

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Comment: Those bleddy mosquitoes sucked the blood out of me too!

12. Chitramaala airing. Friday night fun!

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Comment: Can I come and watch? Our TV is not working. Low voltage here.

13. The milkman is diluting so much water in the milk these days. Have to talk to him tomorrow.

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Comment: Ever heard of Mother Diary?
What? No!
Me neither.

14. That insufferable Mala-D advertisement is so embarrassing. It is so uncomfortable to sit and watch the evening news with the in-laws these days.

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Comment: My three-year old has started singing the song!

15. Raju ke baapu, I miss you. Come back from Madras soon.

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Comment: Awwwwww!!

And so on .....



CYNOSURE said...

lol...good one... :D :D :D

sunshine said...

Yes, I had a lot of fun writing it. :)

Tushar Mangl said...

Hilarious and very much true :)

kulls said...

Wondeful, funny and creative. Worthy of sharing it on fb

chatduke said...

visited your page after several years and somehow I always remembered your blog page url ... at that time, your profile picture was a pair of black leather shoes on blue jeans which I vividly remember and now it's these bright red, I don't know, sandals ? ... your footwear did progress ... I believe at some point you must have explained your (and definitely others !) shoes fetish which I will find out .... your post is the still same old refreshing ...

Biddu said...

:D only you could think of it...nice!