Saturday, July 13, 2013

As I inched into July

I wondered what I did in the first half of the year.

I went to Dubai.
I got a speeding ticket.
I got my first paper accepted at a journal.
I defended my PhD.
I went to Puerto Rico. I traveled San Francisco.
I presented four times at conferences.
I learned 40 words in Spanish.
I found a job.
I met Baby Kalyani’s younger sister.
I met an inspiring traveler and book author whose work I have followed for a while.
I started graying my hair more than I have done before and learned to accept it.
I reviewed a book for a friend who will publish it soon.
I got my photography published at places.
I made a very good friend who at 6-2 is also now my tallest female friend.
I made another good friend I am yet to meet in person, who bakes the most creative cakes, re-establishing my faith that online friendships are not a myth.

Most importantly, I strove to follow the sun within me. Every day.



NG said...

How did you like SF?

sunshine said...

I loved it, as always. I have been there many times now.