Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Getting on the treadmill again

Blogging, working out, doing a PhD, or anything else for that matter is an effort of regular, planned practice. The analogy I often use is that of running on an electronic treadmill. Electronic and not manual because you do not supply the power to the treadmill. Now when you step off the treadmill, the treadmill is still running. And that is what makes it hard to get back on it. You need to catch up, match up the velocity, and get going. This is what happens when you stop going to the gym abruptly. It takes so much effort to get back to routine. And that is what has happened to my blog recently. When I wrote regularly, I felt motivated to write regularly. Once the cycle was broken, it was hard to get back. Writing for me is not about a game of numbers, about how many posts I can spew monthly, and how many comments I can garner. For me, it was more of a spiritual exercise, something akin to meditating, an effort to make sense of the numerous things around me and document them. Clearly, I have moved on to different pastures. I have been busy with work, writing papers, traveling, partying, taking photographs, and doing numerous other things. It is not that I forgot about my blog. But every time I tried to write, I felt that inertia, that resistance, the same resistance you face when you try to get back on that treadmill that is already in motion. I have often come home too tired, and while earlier I would readily hop on to writing my journals, now I want to read a book or watch a movie. Anyway, this should not be a rant post. So hello everyone. Isn’t it ironic that I have to be welcomed back in my own writing space? I am back with lots of exciting stories about how wonderful life has been recently. And more than anything, I am excited to be able to start writing again.
P.S.: My lower spine has recovered well.
P.P.S.: Thank you for all those who wrote to me, and apologies to all those I did not reply back.
P.P.P.S.: I hate the new look of blogger. It takes too much effort to navigate my way around. Same thoughts when Gmail forced me to adopt the new look.


Akshaya Borkar said...

Welcome back Sunshine :D ... good to know that you are well and getting back to routine... looking forward to more updates

Dew said...

Welcome back Sunshine! Glad to hear that you have recovered and that life has been good.

Have been visiting your blog everyday to fine new posts. Good to see that you are back. :)

Dew said...

Welcome back Sunshine! Glad to know that you have recovered and good things have been happening in your life.

I have been visiting your blog everyday to check if there are any new posts. Nice to see you back in the blog world. :)

Biddu said...

Me too have to get on the treadmill again...i cannot put words into rhyme as i used to, few months back...