Wednesday, February 29, 2012

(Statistically) Significant Thoughts

The good old days are gone when Monte Carlo meant colorful sweater and pullover ads on television, or even resorts and casinos in Las Vegas. These days, Monte Carlo only means dry computational algorithms and statistical simulations I am expected to master, but am clueless about !

While studying for an exam on Item Response Theory, I Googled for Raju's Beta Reliability Analysis, something almost analogous to Cronbach’s alpha. The responses startled me for a second. I had forgotten that Anil Kapoor in the movie Beta (1992) was also called Raju. Some humor in between the monotony of studying stats.

Reminds me of this post from last year



CYNOSURE said...

haha...such events keep occurring...especially when we "GOOGLE" our stuff... ;)

Sunshine Kamaloni said...

I know this is not relevant to your post but...I just LOVE your new template!!! :)

Sunshine said...

hey! r u still in Seattle? I just moved here recently - wondering if ur still around! ping me!
cheers! :)

definitely not nice..... said...

Quite the opposite for me :P Monte Carlo simulation is fun (or for that matter, BD or, im not showing off, just love simulations, that's all!) and it'll probably take me few seconds to register if the other person is referring to the gamble-(and presumably fun)-den. :)