Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Of death and killings

Before I forget I promised I would write about any good movies I watch, and watch more movies and forget what I watched, I ought to tell you that I watched two movies last week, but the upcoming exams kept me away from writing about them. Sweet November, I watched again, just out of impulse, and because I didn’t want to go to bed at 9 pm with nothing better to do. I both like and dislike the movie for various reasons. I love movies based in big cities I have been to, and San Francisco is always a favorite. Keanu Reeves is amazing in the movie, the workaholic, somewhat lost, overtly ambitious person. My favorite line from the movie is when he turns down the big offer saying, “It’s not about the offer, it is about you”. Watch it (free streaming on Netflix) and you will know what I mean.

However, there are questions in the movie I have no answer to. How did Sara know of Nelson? Why did she decide to help him? Why him at all? The way Nelson eventually succumbed to Sara’s demands of helping him did not make sense to me. However, Sara is a very unconventional character, and I did like her most of the time in the movie. Most of them time because as she approached senility, she really got, umm… weird.

Overall, an okay watch. Except if you like to watch Keanu Reeves, in which case, it is a must watch. The movie is called “Sweet November”.

The other one I watched, that everyone is talking about these days is “No One Killed Jessica”. I will spare you the review about how the movie is made, of course it is a well-made movie. More than that, I don’t see it as a movie made to pass judgment. For me, it is the story of a person who existed, and who was killed. I don’t care how the movie is made. All I know is it left me with a deep sense of sadness. I imagined what Jessica’s day would have been that day- she would have left for work, have made plans for the weekend, would have called her friends. And then someone with more power than brains decided to shoot her point blank because he wanted a drink. Why is there no justice, and why are people like him not killed in accidents, or are murdered themselves by more powerful guys with even lesser brains? Why don’t people feel pure rage and anger in these situations? Why is it so easy to be killed?

The one line I really liked in the movie was, “Mujhe ek karod rupaye nahi chahiye then. Par mujhe ek goli bhi nahi khaani thi” (I didn’t want money. But I didn’t want to be shot as an alternative).

Now that the exam season is almost here, I’ll look forward to more netflixing when they are over. For me, netflixing has almost become a verb these days.



Biddu said...

I watched "no one killed jessica" few days back in a multiplex...(200 rupees ticket! the poor cinema hall in my town still sells 27 rupees tickets!). I liked the movie as well...i liked the work of rajesh sharma (the police officer)...a good portrayal of the helpless police officers who have to conform with their corrupt authorities!

Anonymous said...

I love the that scene you mentioned ... Keanu Reeves and Frank Langella. Sometimes I see it again and again to get the kicks :) More than Reeves it is Langella who makes that conversation powerful. The arrogance, the class, the attitude from Langella is a killer. I just adore Charlize Theron and her character in the movie :)

sunshine said...

Biddu- Absolutely ... it was a very well made movie. I just wish it was not based on a true story.

Anonymous- There you go... I loved the character of Theron too ... :)

Anonymous said...

I have seen Sweet November many times just to watch both the actors...chemistry is good. And I love the soundtrack as well.