Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Going Places

Traveling is the single most hobby I have pursued seriously, followed by writing. So I thought it would be great to summarize my year in terms of travel. If nothing, I can add it to my resume, or look at this post 30 years down the line when I am withering and arthritic, and smile at the happy memories I built for myself.

Travel 2010

Countries travelled- 6.

U.S.A., India, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy.

Cities travelled- Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, Orlando, Kolkata, Dresden, Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, Rome, Sicily.

U.S. states travelled- 6.

A new U.S. state explored never before- Florida.

National Parks- 3 (Mount Rainier National Park, Crater Lake National Park, Everglades National Park).

New experiences-

Hiked an active volcano (Mount Etna in Sicily). Hiked a volcanic crater (Crater Lake National Park, OR).

Biggest obsession- Watching sunrise and sunsets. I think I am done with my obsession for collecting magnets. I lose count of the numerous occasions when I set the alarm to wake up early and run to catch the sunrise. I overslept and missed classes, but not sunrises.

Dream Destinations 2011 (Places never traveled before)

Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, Utah National Parks, Beaches of North Carolina.

New states traveled every year

2006- Washington, Nevada, Washington DC, Virginia, Oregon

2007- New York, New Jersey, Maryland

2008- Texas, Pennsylvania, California

2009- Hawaii, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Delaware

2010- Florida



Anonymous said...

Wow!! Quiet a traveller!!eh??

Anonymous said...

quite unorthodox places visited in europe :)

Calvin said...

You make me wish I was settled in US - don't know much about the places and anything. But for some strange reason, I think it would be fun.