Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tea Time Word Play

A: “After you have spent an entire Sunday doing statistics homework, every other choice in life seems like a “reject” or a “fail to reject” decision!"

B: “But are you “confident” enough to take those decisions?”

A: “Well, should one make personal decisions based on statistical significance or a 95% confidence interval?”

B: “I think one must consider the T(ea)-value before any decision, especially when it is this cold. If there is no T, then there would be zzzzzzzz”

A: “Yes, the null hypothesis (Ho): [If not “t”, then “z”] shall have no alternative hypothesis (Ha). This is proven with 100% confidence, fully supported by the Ch(a)i square test”

P.S. B: "A word of caution though! Taking the Ch(a)i square test indiscriminately often leads to dangerously high p(ee)-values, which can cause you to fail the null hypothesis."

Graduate school can do a lot to your madness quotient J



Anonymous said...

hi so you even you make fun of H0 and H1 hehe...good :D

Anonymous said...

hi looks like i am not the only one who makes fun of H0 and H1 :D :d

Anil P said...

I agree, unless ofcourse you were to bring in the Uncertainity principle, and have nature run counter to 'equality' and instead deliver - for every action there'll be an unequal reaction!

Anonymous said...

Remember - When P is low Ho must go!