Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Final thank you of the day

There is a lot of predictability in my everyday life. Every morning I wake up late and run to catch the bus on time. Every night before I go to sleep, I pray that the following day would bring in new hope and new opportunities. These days I try to reach the department by 8 am every day. These days I usually spend about 12 hours in the department. Every night as I start from my department, it is late and empty. I walk the hallway, get out of the building, walk for a few minutes, and wait for the bus to take me home. It is all very predictably programmed. Every night the bus arrives after a few minutes of wait. I wait for people to get off the bus. Then I board the bus. I start to go for the last seat, which is my favorite. While walking towards it, I expect the driver to start the bus and for me to be jolted out of my motion and lose balance, a phenomenon that happens when you are moving inside a vehicle that accelerates when you are holding on to nothing, best described by Newton’s law of inertia. Every night, I reach my favorite seat all the way at the back, turn, and sit. Every night, the bus starts only after I am seated. He is not obliged to do it, but he still does.

Every night, I say my last thank you to the bus driver mentally, for politely waiting till I have found a seat and for not letting me trip by starting to drive before I have found a seat.

Thank you.



dipthought said...

last seat on a bus ;-)

Padmanabhan said...


Anonymous said...

Impessive rythm in write up

But, am curious Why not a verbal 'thank you'!!

Commuting all the time in bus, I guess its possible to pick up how not to lose balance. Watch the conductors who seem to use newtons law to their advantage!! They glide n roll n hardly seem to have lost their balance.
I dare say , i have learnt a few myself too :D