Monday, August 23, 2010

School of Thought

It's time to start the next chapter.

It’s time to leave those fancy handbags behind and pick up that backpack.

It’s time to hunt for free food on campus and live on Maggi, Subway, and Chipotle.

It’s time to stop living in that apartment alone, and to have fun staying with roommates.

It’s time to brag about the campus you will be spending the next few years of your life in.

It’s time to get into the vicious cycle of sleeping during classes and staying up late finishing assignments.

It’s time to subscribe to PhD comics.

It’s time to start taking the bus again instead of hopping onto the car every time.

It’s time to aim for those conferences and travel at the advisor's expense.

It’s time to push myself to do something new and creative, and to try to be productive everyday.

After a break of 2 years from school, it’s time to get back to school again.



Aliyah said...

Have been a regular follower of your blog for the past few days.
All the best Sunshine :)

Abi said...

Er..., congratulations!

Shashi said...

So, are you back to studying? Or are you going to teach again?

Anonymous said...

its time to start reading you blow the trumpet!!! he he jsut kidding..why dont you just get married and settle down....bujhte parlam na...

rt said...

All d best!

FirstRayOfSun said...

Hi Sunshine,

All the Best!

Tushar Mangl said...

Best wishes :)