Saturday, March 27, 2010


This has been by far the longest I have stayed away from my blog, almost risking myself the “most infrequent and dedication-less blogger” award of the year. A lot has happened ever since. After staying with G and subjecting myself to all the “andre-pandre” talk, and learning quite a bit of it in the process, my architect friend S who was leaving for India asked me to cat sit. So I moved to her house, close to my favorite lake, and the next few weeks went by cleaning kitty potty, running around the lake, reading, and deriving pleasure from the simplistic things in life. It was during one such session of my 2.8 mile jog that I get a call from the US immigration services, informing me that my visa (and my duration of stay) in the US has expired and I need to leave. Now every incident I describe here is worth a dozen blog posts, but I’ll be brief. I get myself a ticket to India, pack my bags, and in 8 days, I set out for India. That is roughly one-fourth the time I spent planning my trip to Hawaii.

So after three and a half years of my US stay, I am finally back to India since the last 48 hours. Make that another dozen worth of snobbish “US returned blogger finds India as dirty and as crowded as ever” blogs in just 2 days of my experiences here. I don’t have a fixed plan, a travel itinerary or a determined duration of stay per se, but as of now I am back to the city of joy. And no, I am not going around carrying mineral water bottles and wearing designer sunglasses to beat the heat. I have just refused step out of home.



Rachna said...

@Sunshine- Have been an avid follower, but never commented. But this post made me want to talk to you! How is it back home?
Is it not great to get back in the bosom of family again? Or does India overshadow it all?
If possible, please blog about all your back to India experiences.

Rakhi said...

The father tells me that it's very hot and sultry in Kolkata. I can understand that you're getting stewed literally.
I was in US for a long conference recently and on coming back to India last week, the temperature change completely screwed my system. I'm unable to digest any food, and throwing up has become a daily phenomenon. Wish I could stay indoors. :(

alpine path said...

Lol! Am in India too. I was hoping to give you a call before you left US and/or run into you at the airport since we were leaving at around the same time, but apparently both didn't work out. Add me to the list of bloggers that feel that India-is-dirty-and-hot-so-I'm-wearing-designer-sunglasses-to-beat-the-heat :D And refusing to step out of the house, looks like that is a distant dream for me!

Yespi said...

What happened to the cat then?

Yespi said...

What happened to the cat then?

Raam Pyari said...

i was wondering whats up on your front...

welcome home :)

SurAj said...

Good Luck for a brand new chapter !

sunshine said...

Rachna- Things are very different back home, it is both good and bad. I intend to blog about my experiences here as much as I can :) Thanks for commenting.

Rakhi- Oh sorry to hear about that -- yes you are right, it is extremely hot and sultry in India !!!

alpine path- hey email me your number if you want to catch up :)

Yespi- good observation !!! New cat sitters rescued me :)

Raam Pyari- Thank you :)

Suraj- Thank you :)