Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Writing is so much like going to the gym or cooking. You do it enough number of times and you get better at it. You get better at it and you have sufficient incentive of being disciplined about pursuing it. We call it a positive feedback loop. And then sometimes you fly off the loop, something like getting off a treadmill still running, and it becomes so very difficult to get back to routine again.

There was a time when every little thing I found interesting ended up in my blog space. These days, I see things and make a mental note to write about it. And then I do not do it, immerse in guilt, and soon figure out that it is too late to do it. It is interesting how so many of my posts these days are these guilt laden rants about how horrible I feel not writing regularly.

But then, my laptop conked out a few weeks ago, and I figured out that blogging in office is not feasible. I waited for weekends to write something, but weekends would fly by and there I would be left feeling even more guilty. Nevertheless, an honest retry never hurts, right?

So here as I sit and type, cutting down on my sleep hours and running the risk of missing that 6:30 am bus to office the following morning, I want to make peace with myself, and not feel guilty about not dedicating enough time to that one hobby I have pursued the longest so far- writing. In the meantime, the car hunt still continues. Car hunting has put so many ideas in my head, I must document them somewhere. Sometime, I promise.

Anyway, time to shut that bedside lamp off- good night.



Rakhi said...

Aha positive feedback loop!! :) Somebody's using technical terms!!
Hmm best of luck with the car hunt. And catching a bus to work at 6:30 a.m. doesn't sound fun at all.

Yankee Girl said...

I've been sucking at writing lately. Seems I have a million excuses.

Hang in there and don't give up!

CM-Chap said...

Cheers... I guess we shd meet sometime and talk abt this.. I'm (hopefully "was") going thru the same... Though in the last few weeks feeling the urge to write and penning it down. I hope I continue this....
I guess its a cycle :)

Chaos said...

i dont know whether i am right or wrong, but sometimes i think once one is working, a lot of things esp hobbies tend to take a backseat.

i for one, despite having a lot of time at hand, seem to somehow not end up not doing things i wish to ( blogging being one), and then this same guilt factor comes up. and then i make a promise to self, only to see it go away again.

Anyways, it always is a pleasure to read your posts. Thanks for the same. and yeah happy car hunting :).

Tanmay said...

you got a brand new car & still worried about 6:30 am bus!!

Aparna said...

First time here and I would strongly suggest you continue writing. It can be a huge stress buster. Ask me, have been there. Best wishes.

rads said...

I could have written this post (bar those lines about car and laptop). Like for example I am having a hard time separating the writing, the blogging and then the whole community part of blogging and writing.
..and then again, giving up doesn't come easy to me.

ZiLliOnBiG said...

humm, you are right about writing. I think so, yea. True:))