Sunday, April 12, 2009

Death and its Manifestations

All this while, I was under the impression that Charlie had died a natural death. That one fine morning, he was discovered breathing no longer. Today I came to know that Charlie was euthanized. He had an abnormally enlarged liver, water retention in the belly, had stopped eating or moving, and it was suggested that he be euthanized than suffer. And that got me thinking about a lot of related things about death.

I know this debate of death versus euthanasia is an old one. In fact the various manifestations of death- natural, accidental, suicide, euthanasia, abortion, come with their own set of ethical issues. Of course there is nothing to do for a person who dies naturally, or has an accident. But does a person have as much right to not live as he has the right to live? Is it ethical to end someone’s life who is already in a vegetative state and cannot make decisions of his own? Is it okay to give birth to a baby if one is not ready for it? I do not know the answers to these questions.

What I know is that it must have been really tough for G to decide to euthanize Charlie, making a decision to end someone’s life who you have loved dearly, who has been with you for years, even knowing that this would lessen the suffering. It must have been hard to hold him for the last time before giving him away, knowing that he will never be seen again. It is a depressing thought. I am sure it was a good decision to end Charlie’s pain. But if I was her, would I have the courage to do it? I do not know.

Death in all its manifestations is a concept that still remains fascinating to me. After all, it is more I do not know about than I know about.



Princess G said...

well the concept is a debated one...there are many people who believe that this should probably not right,i,on the other hand, believe that somewhere it is correct to do such a thing...why let somebody suffer??? especially when their life is coming to an end?? when we try to buy more time for them ,just because we love them a lot,are we not somewhere being really selfish. of course it is easier said than done. you raised a very valid point that it is very difficult to gather the courage to go ahead with is indeed very difficult.....

Pavi!!!! said...

5. yaa death is not an easy topic to talk about..its one of those things the very mention of which brings about discomfort.
I donno wat I’ll do when in the situation….and don’t want to ever be in the situation…but from my shoes..i feel like euthanasia is the rite solution to some problems. I don’t think there is a point in living life like a vegetable…waiting for death everyday and undergoing inexplicable amount of pain. No one deserves any of that!
Abortion..i had written about in my blog eons ago… and suicide..i’m really against and feel is one of the most selfish acts

alpine path said...

I think it requires great courage to take such decisions. But finally, if you are sure that the person/animal you love would only suffer if you let him live, its better to take the death route. Though it might be hard in the beginning, it is the best choice for all. Great post!