Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sartorial Irony

I was going through my old picture album where though astoundingly out of fashion, I still manage to look much thinner and younger. Truth be told, I would give anything to get back to that figure I had in India though mom used to make me eat right and work out even then. American food just ruined my system, and this lifestyle got me all out of shape and out of discipline. And herein lies the irony. In India, I had almost no money, lived in a conservative society, and lived with family with no access to the so called fashionable clothes. Now that I have the money and access to fashionable clothes and live in a society where I don’t have to answer to anyone about what I wear, I no longer have the figure to carry it.

This is one of the many things I have been procrastinating (along with buying that suitcase), but it’s high time I did something about the way I look now and the way I feel about myself. Am scared to call it a new year resolution because they usually remain till the first week after new year, but something needs to be done.



Tanmay said...

hi Sunshine, i enjoy reading your posts. FYI, i lost 16 kilos in 4 months, in case you are interested for tips, drop me a mail.
Enjoy your trip

Ash said...

I guess you don't really need a perfect figure to look trendy. It's all about confidence, girl! (This is the reason I give for not working out.)

Kanupriya said...

Ah...so relatable :-)...I wonder how during my mom's time I always managed to stay slim depsite the fact that I used to eat a lot! Dieting and all were totally unheard kind of terms that time and still I used to enjoy a perfect figure...Good old days :-)

Pinku said...

hey....google GM diet and try it ...it gives some good results and it will atleast help you keep that resolution going.

Good luck!!!

Pavi!!!! said...

Me too! Me Too! Me Too!

I'm no more able to wear the clothes i used to wear..makes me want to cry...n u know the weird thing with me.. "pound"-wise im under or correct weight...but yet i know am gaining weight in all the wrong places..its depressing!